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Kickstart VR for Business: get started now for free & online with VRdirect WebStudio

June 3, 2022
Kickstart VR for Business: get started now for free & online with VRdirect WebStudio

There’s no easier way to get started with VR for enterprise: VRdirect WebStudio offers Metaverse tools in your browser – for free!

This is what VRdirect WebStudio offers for businesses:

  • Online web studio for an immediate start with VR at your company
  • no installation necessary, runs in the browser
  • quick and easy start
  • drag & drop of 360-degree images for backgrounds and rooms
  • intelligent set-up function with batch upload for 360-degree images and pre-configuration of scenes
  • well-arranged scene storyboard
  • All common media formats are supported

Why is VR important for businesses?

The digital transformation continues: Immersive 3D applications will merge into a 3D Internet, the Metaverse, in a few years and shape work and everyday life.

Metaverse technologies such as virtual reality form the basis for this technological and social innovation. The benefits of virtual reality are manifold. For example, companies convey and train learning content better in VR, as work steps, for example, are memorized more easily than in traditional training. Employees can also repeat VR training anytime, anywhere – no real machines or prototypes are needed, and production doesn’t have to pause.

Virtual Reality is the underlying technology for the Metaverse. VR-savvy companies will therefore have a technological advantage in the future because they are already Metaverse-ready. The use of new digital tools and communication technologies also makes companies more attractive to new talents.

Read more about the benefits of Virtual Reality for Business in our technology guide. 

VRdirect WebStudio: Browser toolset for getting started in the Metaverse

Getting started in VR has never been easier. Without programming knowledge, employees create VR projects easily and quickly with the VRdirect Studio software.

Now, it’s even easier and completely free of charge: With VRdirect WebStudio, VR nonprofessionals and professionals can start directly with a first VR project without installation. In our Metaverse guide, we show you how to implement meaningful VR projects in seven simple steps.

With WebStudio, you can get started directly in the browser. For your first project, we’ve already done the groundwork: in your Studio account, you’ll find an interactive VR project. Exchange the images via drag & drop (for a virtual tour, for example) and adjust the interaction points with just a few clicks. Or use the intelligent set-up function: Upload a whole batch of 360-degree backgrounds right away. WebStudio automatically converts them into scenes with basic interaction elements.

Ready is your first VR application. In this way, you quickly arrive at a prototype with which you can inspire colleagues and superiors for your ideas.

VRdirect WebStudio is optimized for smaller VR projects that you can work on anywhere thanks to cloud storage – for example, in your home office or when you’re on a business trip on the train. Our software automatically backs up your VR assets, keeping the project up to date.

Best of all, you can try VRdirect WebStudio for free – there are no limits on additional scenes and rooms, and the full feature set is available.

Try VRdirect for Free!

Easily create VR applications at your company yourself

VRdirect has years of experience with Virtual Reality in companies. We support many major customers, such as Siemens or Nestlé, on their way into the Metaverse. As a technology partner, we bring innovation and process optimization with VR to your company as well.

Thanks to valuable experience from numerous VR projects, we provide you with competent and goal-oriented support. We will gladly advise you on viable application scenarios for VR in your company.

About VRdirect

The VRdirect platform is the easiest solution to create and publish Virtual Reality projects. There are no expert skills needed. Moreover, Virtual Reality projects created with VRdirect can be published instantly via any VR enabled device, smartphone or web-browser and you can update them easily and in real-time.

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