Virtual Reality Business Solutions

Customer expectations are constantly evolving. Therefore, companies must adapt new technologies as quickly as possible. The VRdirect Business Platform allows corporations to build up their own VR ecosystem in a time- and cost-effective manner. 

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How small companies and enterprises can benefit from utilizing
Virtual Reality technology


Increased memorability

Content viewed in fully immersive VR is kept in mind much longer than when consumed on another medium. Use this benefit to train your employees more efficiently or showcase your products in a way your customers will never forget.


Location and time independent 

VR experiences are accessible anytime and anywhere. VRdirect offers customized apps for all relevant devices, including easy publishing and real-time updating. 


Cost savings 

VR technology saves costs by decreasing travel time, reducing training staff and improving operations. We offer inhouse trainings as well as a full-service package. 

The VRdirect Business Platform

The VRdirect Business Platform is an ecosystem for the creation, publication and administration of interactive 360°/VR projects.
settings The VRdirect platform can be operated by internal staff without any specialist skills or external support
updates The VRdirect platform allows real time content updates without additional costs
vr-glasses VRdirect enables global and company wide utilization of VR at a reasonable invest
360 Using VRdirect, companies can support Industry 4.0, IoT, New Work and Internal Digitization Initiatives

The advantages of VR technology can be leveraged
by companies for multiple use cases


Virtual Manuals & Guides

Virtual explanation of how to operate or handle a machine, building or procedure/process.


Virtualization of Real Estates & Locations

Virtual tours and walk-throughs through real estate, buildings and locations without the need for travelling.


VR Sales Support

Improve sales and marketing efforts by using VR to demo products and enable remote showcases.

Lean more about using VR in the travel & tourism industry.


Training & Education in VR

Train and educate employees and trainees in a virtual environment.

Learn more about Training with Virtual Reality.

VRdirect clients and partners

"VRdirect provides a stable and proven platform to create interactive 360° experiences, so we don't need to worry about programming and distribution of the VR experiences, but can instead focus on our core competencies: creation, storylining and production of premium 360° content."

Alexander Behrens

"We are just starting to explore the potential of VR training. We will certainly expand them to digitize training efforts and improve our employer branding. VRdirect allows us to operate the entire VR training platform internally, which is key to keep control over the content, build internal expertise in VR training and also to keep costs in line without training budgets."

Marek Hadrys
HR Manager for VR Training, Avacon

"The new partnership with VRdirect gives Panono users a unique opportunity to turn their panoramas into various VR projects. The partnership is very important to us because it provides the users with an entire business tool with numerous solutions for professional use. We are looking forward for this collaboration, which significantly expands our product range."

Thomas Escher
CEO, Professional360
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See how the VRdirect Business Platform can fit your needs


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