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The VRdirect Platform makes your enterprise VR-ready.
Quickly, persistently and with immediately visible results.

Many renowned companies have already established Virtual Reality as a standard technology.

Meet VRdirect at the XR Week 2023
in Stuttgart from June 15 – 16!

The XR Expo is the B2B exhibition for Virtual Reality (VR), Mixed Reality (MR) and Augmented Reality (AR). The focus is on XR technologies and professional applications of VR, MR and AR in industry, architecture, health, trade and crafts.

At XR Expo, we’ll showcase how companies across industries can use the power of VR to engage customers, educate employees, and increase productivity. If you’re attending the XR Expo in Stuttgart, make sure to visit us at booth 26.

Our team will be on site to provide insights, answer questions, and showcase how our platform can transform your business operations.

Experience true immersion

Still not sure how to apply Virtual Reality in your business? Try it out – with our demo application.

Marketing & Communications

GOP Varieté-Theater Bonn – Virtual Tour

  • Virtual exploration of the GOP Varieté-Theater in Bonn
  • Interactive walk through theater hall, restaurant and piano bar
Virtual Marketing & Entertainment
Media & Entertainment

Marketing & Communications

Fraport – Visitor Center

  • Virtual tour through the Fraport visitor center in Frankfurt
  • Interactive exploration of the various exhibits and innovative specialties
Virtual Tour

Marketing & Communications

WDR – Cologne Cathedral in 360

  • Digital, immersive replication of the Cologne Cathedral
  • Utilization of the technical and narrative potential of VR
Media & Entertainment

Marketing & Communications

Louis Hotel Munich

  • Virtual tour of the Louis Hotel in Munich
  • Guests can interactively learn about the location, rooms and special features of the hotel

Marketing & Communications

Malerei Jetzt! – Art Museum in Bonn

  • Remote presentation of artworks and locations
  • Increasied audience reach through virtual exhibitions
Media & Entertainment

Marketing & Communications

AWO Frankfurt – Virtual orientation day

  • Virtual introduction day to a AWO daycare center
  • With the help of drawn children, the typical routine in the daycare center is conveyed
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