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When opening a project, the Studio loads infinitely and nothing happens.


When a VR project is opened in the VRdirect Studio and the Studio loads infinitely and does not respond, it most likely means that the VR project's media paths are missing. In that case the Studio cannot find the assets (360° material, images, videos, etc..) that were uploaded and loads for an infinite time. Is that the case, please make sure that the assets that your project originally had are restored or moved back to its original location. The infinite loading sometimes happens when an exported project was opened/sent.

If that is the case please follow these instructions:
After downloading the export ZIP file, please move it to a place where it can be stored long-term (e.g. a special folder on your laptop) and then unzip it. Unzipping creates the media paths for all graphics and assets used in the project, which means that if the files or folder are moved later, the VRdirect Studio can no longer find the file paths of the assets. The Studio then reports "File could not be found" or loads infinitely. Only in a compressed ZIP file the project has indirect media paths and can be moved. It is therefore advisable to first select a suitable storage location and then unpack the file.


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