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VRdirect releases browser-based WebStudio for easy creation of virtual reality applications

VRdirect releases browser-based WebStudio for easy creation of virtual reality applications

Munich, 19.05.2022  – Munich-based software company VRdirect presents “VRdirect WebStudio”, a new web-based software for developing your own virtual reality applications directly in your browser. A leaner feature set and a user-oriented interface enable the creation of simple VR projects without the installation of specific software, lowering the barriers to entry into virtual reality for companies to a minimum. To make it even easier to get started with virtual reality, VRdirect is also introducing the new “Free License” for “VRdirect WebStudio” as part of the release, which allows users to permanently use the software free of charge with full functionality for smaller as well as pilot projects up to a certain number of accesses.

“VRdirect WebStudio” is available via the company’s official website at https://www.vrdirect.com/webstudio.

“VRdirect WebStudio” for easy entry into VR creation
The new “VRdirect WebStudio” allows users to develop their own virtual reality applications directly in their browser without installing any software. Especially companies with high IT security requirements can use the solution without long approval processes, yet still in compliance with all IT security standards, and start creating their own applications within a very short time. In addition, “VRdirect WebStudio” has an intelligent set-up function with which users can have individual 360° scenes of the application created automatically. This way, users can skip the manual set-up and start filling the individual scenes with interaction elements or media files right away, thus working even more efficiently. Users can also upload media such as 360° photos and videos or sound files that they want to use in their application directly in the browser and add them to their projects.

New “Free License” enables free use with full range of functions
“VRdirect WebStudio” is launching with a “Free License” that allows users to use the solution completely free of charge. The “Free License” differs from the paid licenses by limiting the number of times a project can be accessed by users. The functional scope of “VRdirect Webstudio” itself is not restricted with this license, users have access to the same features as users with a paid license.

“With ‘VRdirect WebStudio’ we offer companies the easiest possible entry into virtual reality,” comments Dr. Rolf Illenberger, CEO of VRdirect. “Especially the current debates about the metaverse require more than ever that companies engage with immersive technologies. ‘VRdirect WebStudio’ allows users to get started right away and implement their own virtual reality applications with just a few clicks – with our new ‘Free License’ even completely free of charge.”

Seamless connection to desktop software “VRdirect Studio” announced
Compared to VRdirect’s desktop application “VRdirect Studio,” “VRdirect WebStudio” has a slimmed-down set of features and is thus aimed primarily at companies that want to quickly gain initial experience with their own virtual reality applications or only implement smaller projects. For the coming months VRdirect announces a seamless linking of “VRdirect WebStudio” to the desktop application: A transfer of projects developed in “VRdirect WebStudio” to the more powerful desktop application with more functions and without file size limits for asset uploads should then be possible at any time without any problems. In this way, companies could start with simple virtual reality applications in the future and then transfer them to “VRdirect Studio” at a later date to obtain an extended range of functions.

About VRdirect
With its “VRdirect Studio” platform, the Munich-based software company VRdirect enables companies to design and publish their own virtual reality content with no programming effort at all. Typical use cases for these VR apps range from company training and continuing education processes to recruiting and onboarding of personnel to application scenarios in sales, customer support or in the context of trade fairs. Once created, the content can be accessed on all common end devices. Users are thus brought particularly close to the action and have the feeling of really engaging with the simulated environment.

VRdirect is a technology partner of Deutsche Telekom.

Further information at www.vrdirect.com

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