Virtual Product Presentation

Showcase your products in a brand new way.
Excite customers, enhance your visibility and reduce costs.

Breathe new life into your products

Let your customers experience and engage with your products in an innovative and immersive way. Virtual Product Presentations offer new possibilities to showcase your products, letting customers explore various aspects of them, leading to increased leads, a better customer experience and reduced costs.

Virtual Product Presentations provide real business value

16% increase in customers

Providing a new and exciting customer experience as well as valuable insights into your products help your customers make their buying decision: Studies show that companies that included Virtual Reality in their sales process saw an increase in sales by avg. 16%.

Reduce Travel Costs by 31%

Augmenting your sales materials with Virtual Product Presentations allows potential customers to experience products from anywhere, anytime, effectively lowering the need for numerous sales meetings and in turn reducing travel costs.

48% enhanced visibility

By making the look and feel of your products more palpable for potential customers, you increase the chances of them converting. Physical stores that offer an additional Virtual Product Presentation can increase their qualified leads by 48%.

VRdirect – The Platform

The VRdirect platform enables companies to create and share Virtual Reality projects with internal teams. The VRdirect Studio allows to create VR projects without expert skills. Projects can then be shared globally in real-time using the VRdirect Cloud and the VRdirect player for Smartphone, Tablet, Browser-/Website or VR headsets.

The VRdirect platform makes your company enterprise VR-ready.

Easy to use, Enterprise ready and enabling many VR use cases across the entire organization.

Vrdirect Platform Cloud Laptop Smartphone Oculus 2
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Powerful and easy-to-use VR editor

VRdirect Platform Studio
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Native App for mobile devices

VRdirect App Android IOS
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Cloud-based infrastructure

vrdirect cloud global distribution
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Flexible player for every browser

VRdirect Webplayer Support

Experience true immersion

Still not sure how to present your products in Virtual Reality? Try it out – with our demo application.

Marketing & Communications

Telekom – Virtual Telekom Store (T-Challenge by T-Labs)

  • Experience the Telekom store in VR
  • Virtual presentation of store-relevant information, concept and online shopping
Virtual Marketing & Entertainment

Virtual Company Portal

Telekom & Apple – Digital Education

  • Virtual introduction of Telekom’s and Apple’s digital education concept
  • Various real-life scenarios with guide to get started

Virtual Showroom

VRdirect Virtual Showroom

  • Interactive overview of VRdirect’s categories and products
  • Each product is illustrated with several use case examples

Sales & Client Services

VR Business Club – Best Practices

  • Virtual presentations of the services of the VR Business Club
  • Presentation in VR as a suitable introduction to their own value proposition
Media & Entertainment

Marketing & Communications

Cherry Products in VR

  • Virtual showroom for the exhibition of Cherry hardware products
  • Users can interactively inform themselves about the products
Product Features

Sales & Client Services

Evum aCar

  • Virtual demonstration of the Evum E-cargo-car
  • Effective communication of suitable areas of application and benefits
Product Features

These companies are already successfully
using Virtual Product Presentations

At numerous airports, Fraport AG is responsible for a wide range of comprehensive service areas that go far beyond the smooth running of aviation activities. For example, Fraport operates the Visitor Center at Frankfurt Airport, an interactive world of experience covering all aspects of the airport.
Together with BYK, VRdirect developed the project “Paint Lab Technician @BYK”. The application lets users experience the tasks and everyday life of a paint lab technician up close in an immersive and interactive 360° environment, bringing them closer to this often rather unknown profession in an exciting way.
The Sparkasse HagenHerdecke provides its customers with the “S Digital” initiative in its Sparkasse-Karree main office: a comprehensive range of advice, so customers can learn more about the bank’s digital products and services. Sparkasse’s employees support customers in setting up and operating digital solutions, or customers can join training courses and lectures to find out more about the potentials of digitization.

Are you ready for
Virtual Reality?

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