From 360° video to interactive VR projects within minutes

VR projects can be hard to scale and are often time and cost intensive. Whether you’re new to VR or already an expert – you can certainly profit from VRdirect as the easiest solution to create and publish a wide range of use cases.

Offer your clients interactive VR projects and with VRdirect an even bigger variety of VR apps.

On top, each project comes with a Web VR solution on top that can be easily included in any website.
Watch an example: the Cologne Cathedral

We support agencies!

Using 360° images or video – VRdirect is your all-in-one solution allowing you to create and distribute interactive VR projects

Import your own 360° footage
Produce your own 360° images/videos
Purchase existing stock material
Use CAD & 3D files for 360° renderings
Create your VR project with VRdirect
Create & preview interactive VR projects
Publish with one click
Distribute & share your projects via App and Web

We support agencies!

Sara Boss, Head of Sales

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Contact me and we will support you with your first customer project or acquisition showcase. VRdirect also offers exclusive agency discounts.

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A powerful solution for countless use cases

Onboarding &

Create Virtual Reality training projects to improve the way employees in your company experience e-learning.
Read the White Paper »

Virtual Tours &

Create interactive journeys through all kinds of properties to make them accessible from everywhere. A popular example is VR at events »

Sales Support &

Present your product virtually to potential customers and let them interact with it before they make a purchase. Read the White Paper about VR in Tourism »

Entertainment &
Interactive 360° Film

Push the boundaries of your imagination. The world is waiting for your ideas, just like our VR experts. Get in touch now!

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