Examples of Virtual Reality Experiences made with VRdirect

We have created some really amazing example projects for you. Watch some of our VR experiences below and download the VRdirect Builder projects for an easy start of your own VR project.

Please note, that it is not allowed to use these assets publicly. If you want to publish a VR project or use the assets for anything else, make sure that you only use content for which you own the rights.

Have fun!


VR Training in industrial environment

This example project shows how easy it can be to create trainings in Virtual Reality. It may not be a high resolution experience, but it shows what's possible.

Download the project here:

Download Project Files

Virtual Real Estate Tour

Do you want to create a virtual tour? This is an example of a real estate tour, that was produced to sell an apartment. A simple, but very powerful use case for VR. 

Download the project here:

Download Project Files

VR for Entertainment

The slogan of the DMEXCO 2019, an annual trade fair for digital marketing and advertising in Cologne was “Trust in You”; reflecting the responsibility and trust put into companies that digitize the data of individuals and organizations.

A tour through the Cologne Cathedral

The German tv channel WDR created this masterpiece, a virtual tour through the famous Cologne Cathedral in different epochs. A truly amazing Virtual Reality experience. 

Ride the lastest Porsche Panamera in VR

Take a ride in the latest Porsche Panamera on a race track. Feel the adrenalin and immerse yourself within the experience. 

VR Training on a 3D rendered Private Jet

This experience was created a 3D rendered model of a private jet. We used the environment to create an easy example of VR trainings. Have a look at it and see if you answer all the questions!