Virtual Reality Projects made simple

The VRdirect Platform is the all-in-one platform to easily create and publish Virtual Reality projects.

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Create a scene

Everything starts with the right setting. Simply drag and drop a 360° image of your choice into the application and start the editing process.

Create Scene
Connect Scenes

Connect scenes

To give users the feeling of really moving freely in a Virtual Reality, it is a good idea to create multiple scenes. Simply drag more images into the application and connect them to each other.

Add objects

Unlike in “real” reality, in Virtual Reality you have the option of placing additional elements and information to provide more variety and immediately focus the user’s interest on certain things. Choose from countless elements in VRdirect Studio and place them simply via drag-and-drop.

Add Object
VRdirect Add Interaction

Add interaction

A good VR app thrives on interaction, as it helps you to create greater immersive effects. With VRdirect you have countless possibilities to place info elements, buttons or other call-to-actions freely in the room to achieve the intended result.

Publish project

VRdirect enables instant publishing to all your devices with one click. Provide your users with easy access to Virtual Reality projects on all common devices via the VRdirect Web Player or the VRdirect App. 

VRdirect Publish Project

Update project in real time

As your brand and products keep evolving, so do your Virtual Reality projects. No matter what changes you need to make – with VRdirect, all updates to your applications will be made available instantaneously and in real time.

VRdirect – The Platform

VRdirect provides companies and enterprises with a central platform to create, deploy, and publish VR applications. The cloud-based solution is easy to install and use across the entire organization. After a short implementation period, every department can get creative and produce their own Virtual Reality projects. Please find here an overview of the features and benefits of our platform.

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VRdirect Studio Feature
Easy drag & drop creation of Virtual Reality projects - no expert skills required
VRdirect Studio Workflow
Intuitive user workflow from start to finish
VRdirect Studio – Features
Large feature set for realization of countless use cases
VRdirect Studio – Features
Utilization and enrichment of all 360° and 3D content
VRdirect Plattform – Windows & MacOS compatible
Available for Windows and macOS

Ready for Enterprises

Your entire Virtual Reality workflow in one platform

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