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Getting started

Everything you need to get up and running on VRdirect Platform.
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Hardware and Software Guide

360° Cameras, stitching software and post production

360° Production

Recommendations for shooting with a 360° camera

Specifications and Requirements

Assets format, type, quality, file size, etc.

Creating Graphics in VR

How to make your graphics and designs fit perfectly into VR scenes

Share a project with VRdirect

Share projects with colleagues and other individuals

First Steps with VRdirect

5 Steps to create a Virtual Reality project

360° Production List

Template to plan and organise a shooting

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers and troubleshooting tips for any of our products.

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Start to create your Virtual Reality project now

Explore the ins and outs of the VRdirect Platform, and discover techniques and tips for transforming your Virtual Reality projects into immersive experiences. In just minutes, you’ll learn the fundamentals of VRdirect Studio, the simplicity of add scenes, objects and interactions, and much more.

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The user guide provides a full overview of how to use the VRdirect platform. It covers all steps on the VRdirect journey – from getting started to using the Studio, App and Web Player.

VRdirect User Guide »

You don’t have 360° content yet? Download the folder below, get to know the VRdirect software and discover the endless possibilities of Virtual Reality!

How to … - Videos

A comprehensive series of video tutorials designed to take your craft to new heights. Go to the Playlist.

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Become a Virtual Reality expert with VRdirect

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