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These are exceptional times. Measures to control the coronavirus crisis are causing a major sea-change in how we go about our social and business lives. This white paper looks at the challenges posed to cultural continuity by the closure of arts and events venues caused by the need for social distancing and the containment of COVID-19.
In this white paper the enduring template for marketing strategies AIDA will be used to demonstrate how VR can be used at each of the four AIDA steps that lead a customer from product awareness to making a sale.
From educating and informing, to demonstrating products, to promoting and holding events, Virtual Reality delivers the all important wow! factor that leads to increased numbers of visitors, raised levels of interest, and getting your message or sales pitch across. This white paper contains everything you need to know to stay ahead of your competition.
Advances in VR have opened up a whole new world of possibilities for the tourism industry to market their destinations in an exciting and engaging way that enthuses potential travellers and informs their accommodation choices and destinations.
Virtual Reality (VR) has opened up a new world of business opportunities. Thanks to a dramatically improved availability of VR technology at lower cost than ever before, businesses are finding new ways to take full advantage of the possibilities VR has to offer in training environments.
VR is on the top of the innovation list of most companies. A challenging situation for agencies and producers as VR projects can be hard to scale and are often very time- and cost intensive. This doesn’t have to be the case! Download the free White Paper to learn how you can easily handle Virtual Reality projects and increase you margin.