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Virtual Reality for Arts & Culture

How technology can offer alternative ways of experiencing art and culture


These are exceptional times. Measures to control the coronavirus crisis are causing a major sea-change in how we go about our social and business lives. This white paper looks at the challenges posed to cultural continuity by the closure of arts and events venues caused by the need for social distancing and the containment of COVID-19.

We will show you how to use Virtual Reality (VR) technology as a means of transforming the way we interact with art and culture whilst conforming to the proscriptions we need to live and work within. We will do so by giving real use case examples showing how VR can work successfully in this lockdown regime, and how solutions for continuity through the coronavirus times will not just still be applicable when the crisis is over, but are an enhanced way to experience art and culture in the future. 

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Deutsche Welle makes it possible to experience world cultural heritage sites comfortably from home

DW is keen on using the latest technologies to widen its reach and digital footprint, so creating 360° interactive tours appealed as a medium to draw people in to explore the cultural treasures of these heritage sites.

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