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Let customers, partners and potential applicants experience your company up close – with a VR tour of production lines, offices or exhibition grounds.

Let your customers explore your brand through a VR tour

Drive sales, bookings and brand awareness by offering clients, partners and employees comprehensive insights into your company and premises. Through virtual tours, generate more familiarity with your brand, products and services, increasing the chances of successful sales opportunities.

How VR tours serve your business

49% more qualified leads

Let customers experience your products and services firsthand and up close. With the help of VR tours, you enable more informed decisions and better qualified leads.

Enhanced website engagement by 40%

360° virtual tours not only increase your sales, but also significantly increase the time visitors spend on your website.

13% more bookings with VR tours

Studies show that the tourism industry in particular benefits from virtual tours: 13% of people who can experience a vacation in VR in advance subsequently book a trip or contact hospitality companies.

VRdirect – The Platform

The VRdirect platform enables companies to create and share Virtual Reality projects with internal teams. The VRdirect Studio allows to create VR projects without expert skills. Projects can then be shared globally in real-time using the VRdirect Cloud and the VRdirect player for Smartphone, Tablet, Browser-/Website or VR headsets.

The VRdirect platform makes your company enterprise VR-ready.

Easy to use, Enterprise ready and enabling many VR use cases across the entire organization.

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Powerful and easy-to-use VR editor

VRdirect Platform Studio
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Native App for mobile devices

VRdirect App Android IOS
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Cloud-based infrastructure

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Flexible player for every browser

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Experience true immersion

Still not sure how to apply a VR tour in practice? Try it out!

Marketing & Communications

GOP Varieté-Theater Bonn – Virtual Tour

  • Virtual exploration of the GOP Varieté-Theater in Bonn
  • Interactive walk through theater hall, restaurant and piano bar
Virtual Marketing & Entertainment
Media & Entertainment

Marketing & Communications

Fraport – Visitor Center

  • Virtual tour through the Fraport visitor center in Frankfurt
  • Interactive exploration of the various exhibits and innovative specialties
Virtual Tour

Marketing & Communications

WDR – Cologne Cathedral in 360

  • Digital, immersive replication of the Cologne Cathedral
  • Utilization of the technical and narrative potential of VR
Media & Entertainment

Marketing & Communications

Louis Hotel Munich

  • Virtual tour of the Louis Hotel in Munich
  • Guests can interactively learn about the location, rooms and special features of the hotel

Marketing & Communications

Malerei Jetzt! – Art Museum in Bonn

  • Remote presentation of artworks and locations
  • Increasied audience reach through virtual exhibitions
Media & Entertainment

Marketing & Communications

AWO Frankfurt – Virtual orientation day

  • Virtual introduction day to a AWO daycare center
  • With the help of drawn children, the typical routine in the daycare center is conveyed

These companies are already successfully using VR tours

Nestlé began integrating Virtual Reality into the company early on, for instance to improve employee safety through flexible learning. A current example is the Girona Pedestrian Safety Training.
How does a bank maintain personal contact with customers and partners in the digital transformation? With virtual reality, as the Creditplus case impressively shows.
At numerous airports, Fraport AG is responsible for a wide range of comprehensive service areas that go far beyond the smooth running of aviation activities. For example, Fraport operates the Visitor Center at Frankfurt Airport, an interactive world of experience covering all aspects of the airport.

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