How Fraport AG uses Virtual Reality to create a stringent customer experience
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How Fraport AG uses Virtual Reality to create a stringent customer experience

Fraport AG
Fraport AG, headquartered in Frankfurt am Main, is one of the leading international airport operators. The listed company not only operates Frankfurt Airport, but also has stakes in 30 other airports in Germany and around the world. Under the claim “Gute Reise! We make it happen!” the operating company is committed to the highest standards of aviation and customer service worldwide.

An immersive solution for an interactive visitor center

At numerous airports, Fraport AG is responsible for a wide range of comprehensive service areas that go far beyond the smooth running of aviation activities. For example, Fraport operates the Visitor Center at Frankfurt Airport, an interactive world of experience covering all aspects of the airport. The exhibition offers numerous multimedia experiences and uses technologies such as 360° applications and augmented reality to give visitors unique insights behind the scenes of Germany’s largest commercial airport. But the innovative user experience doesn’t just begin for visitors on site, but much earlier: on their home computers or smartphones via their web browsers.

Virtual insights into a fascinating world of experience

For anyone interested, Fraport AG is offering an up-close look at the most important attractions on its own website with an interactive Virtual Reality tour. Users can thus familiarize themselves virtually with the premises in advance and find out what to expect in the visitor center. Interactive elements directly in the virtual environment allow users to decide for themselves which sections of the exhibition they would like to learn more about and when they would like to enter the next section. So, anyone interested in taking a tour of the Fraport Visitor Center can get a taste here of the high level of interactivity and immersion that the exhibition offers with its 360° and AR/VR content. As a result, the virtual tour anticipates the user experience or even extends it beyond the physical visit on site.
"Through the tour, visitors to our website have the opportunity to interactively experience our new and unique visitor center and get a first glimpse of our fascinating world of experience in advance."
Beate Kaufhold
Head of Sales Visitors Services
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The virtual tour was created in collaboration with VRdirect and was created using the software company’s platform. The ability to easily integrate the Virtual Reality application in the web browser via the VRdirect platform was a decisive factor in choosing the solution – because the VR tour is played out on the Frankfurt Airport website and is thus freely accessible to all users of the site.

From Fraport’s point of view, the ease of use and intuitive user experience during use, as well as the possibility of expanding or adapting the existing solution in real time at any time, also played an important role in the decision in favor of the VRdirect platform.

A coherent customer experience - at home as well as on site

The virtual tour impressively demonstrates how the interplay of innovative technologies makes a stringent user experience possible even beyond the on-site experience. Interested parties can already start from home with an experience that actively involves the user, which continues and increases in the same way in the visitor center. Virtual Reality is a particularly suitable technology for this purpose, as the application can be made available for all end devices common to users with platforms such as VRdirect. With the consistent use of interactivity and immersion, Fraport AG proves that, according to its corporate claim, it not only ensures a good journey, but also an exciting customer experience.

A coherent customer experience - at home as well as on site
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