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VRdirect names former SpaceX, Lucasfilm Executive David Anderman to its board of overseers

VRdirect names former SpaceX, Lucasfilm Executive David Anderman to its board of overseers

Anderman’s addition will provide guidance on business strategy as VRdirect expands its global footprint

Munich, GERMANY and Chicago, ILLINOIS (October 19, 2021) – VRdirect (, a three-year old startup software company that has brought VR solutions to some of Europe’s biggest companies, has named former SpaceX and Lucasfilm executive David Anderman to its Board of Overseers, symbolising its desire to rapidly expand within the North American market.

The combination of business and legal expertise make Mr. Anderman a valued new addition to VRdirect’s board,” said Dr. Rolf Illenberger, VRdirect’s Managing Director. “His background with ambitious projects, the ability and opportunity to connect us with major players in the technology space and several years of background in the virtual reality field, will certainly help as we build a foundation and business case within the United States and elsewhere across the globe.

Anderman spent 16 years at the Lucasfilm, starting as the junior lawyer and eventually becoming Chief Operating Officer. IHe negotiated the $4.05 billion sale of Lucasfilm to The Walt Disney Company in 2012.  Anderman would then serve as Chief Business Officer and General Counsel for Jaunt, a leading platform for the production and distributing of cinematic VR, AR and MR experiences, scaling the business from a dozen employees to 125+ and raising $125 million from Disney, Creative Artists Agency, China Media Capital, and Shanghai Media Group. Jaunt was later acquired by Verizon.

At SpaceX, Anderman served as General Counsel, managing all legal functions of the company and supporting the global rollout of Starlink, SpaceX’s satellite internet business, and the launch of NASA astronauts to the International Space Station — the first ever launch of humans by a private company — in 2020.

I believe VRdirect’s B2B focus, which has proven in their client relations throughout Europe, is unique to the VR market and has tremendous potential worldwide,” Anderman said of joining VRdirect’s board. “I am excited to join the leadership and provide expertise that should prove valuable in a global scaling phase.

VRdirect enables corporations, agencies and content creators the ability to create, manage and publish VR projects in a matter of minutes, to almost any smartphone, with a simple drag-and-drop interface that requires no pre-existing skills or experience. Projects can be published in and updated in real-time and distributed to any device globally using VRdirect’s Cloud Infrastructure.

In just 36 months, VRdirect has built up experience working with some of Europe’s biggest companies including Siemens, Porsche, Deutsche Telekom (T-Mobile in the States) and Nestlé on everything from white-labeled B2C VR platforms and interactive showrooms, to onboarding programs and museum tours.. While the metaverse has focused on dynamic person-to-person user experience, VRdirect has focused on practical solutions to pressing corporate needs during the COVID 19 pandemic. 

VRdirect’s use cases range from Virtual Exhibits, to Training & Education, and Marketing & Sales use cases. The platform, much like a PowerPoint or Word, can be used across an entire organization using 360° images or videos or 3D software. VRdirect lets users create interactive experiences and distribute them to VR apps on iOS, Android, Oculus or any website instantaneously. Meaning that a personal or corporate VR library can be built in no time.

VRdirect will make its first North American in-person appearance at AWE USA from November 9-11, 2021 (Booth #619) in Santa Clara, California. Mr. Anderman will be available for meetings and interviews at the event. For more information, visit

About VRdirect
With its “VRdirect Studio” platform, the Munich-based software company VRdirect enables companies to design and publish their own virtual reality content with no programming effort at all. Typical use cases for these VR apps range from company training and continuing education processes to recruiting and onboarding of personnel to application scenarios in sales, customer support or in the context of trade fairs. Once created, the content can be accessed on all common end devices. Users are thus brought particularly close to the action and have the feeling of really engaging with the simulated environment.

VRdirect is a technology partner of Deutsche Telekom.

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