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Welcome VR into your IT firm to make the transition from a traditional company to a modern 4.0 company. VR transforms every component of your company, be it security, database, network management, computer technical support, or business software development. It does so by streamlining daily processes, imparting better training to employees, creating a healthy workplace ecosystem, and removing extra steps, speeding up internal and external processes.

Make the hybrid dream come true

According to experts, the modern workplace is hybrid. But in order for the advantages of presence and remote collaboration to really harmonize, a setup is needed that creates closeness even at a distance. Virtual reality offers a unique opportunity to create a metaverse in the workplace, where employees can come together from anywhere in the world. The technology-savvy, innovation-friendly IT sector in particular is predestined to break new ground.

Work 4.0

VR offers fertile ground for IT firms to virtualize all business processes, enabling a smooth transition to Industry 4.0. Optimize your operations quickly and efficiently by scrutinizing data generated by virtual interaction of employees, software, and so on. VR makes it easy to recalibrate all your physical processes and virtualize them for more experiential learning, training, and feedback.

Quick virtualization of all internal and external processes

VR makes working from home productive, inclusive, and value-driven

VR can be used for a wide variety of company processes, including training, recruiting, onboarding, marketing, and sales

Ensuring the safety and health of their employees is an important and ever-present matter for companies worldwide. Immersive technology like Virtual Reality elevates the learning effect for employees, helping them to grasp the training content faster as well as to apply them more confidently. Siemens has acknowledged exactly this and successfully implements Virtual Reality to train its employees.

Future Readiness

Get a leg up in your business with VR to cope with the rapidly evolving tech sector. With machine learning on the rise, blockchain tech changing the networking landscape, the global rollout of 5G, and AI sitting in our pockets, the future has become a moving target. To tackle unpredictability, VR offers much-needed freedom from physical dependencies. It significantly reduces business downtime and eliminates steps, making adaptation to change quick and recalibrating your business processes easier.

Position your enterprise at the technological forefront of the Industry 4.0 revolution

Reap the benefit of a first-mover advantage - ready your business for the upcoming Metaverse

Draw your customers’ attention by reflecting innovative leadership as a tech-ready enterprise

Be adept at running the show with VR well ahead of your competition

Offer your customers a new, exciting business experience ahead of its time

Manage Home Office and Reduce Travel

VR is an all-inclusive technology that makes working from home more connected, effective, and inclusive. The energy and time that goes into commuting to the office every day can be focused on improved productivity and fostering collaboration across departments.

VR helps save energy and time in commuting

Virtual coworking helps in the real-time exchange of ideas, developments, and feedbacks

Enables time and location independence while still feeling connected with the team

Software and Product Onboarding

With VR-enabled immersive onboarding kits, make your users comfortable using your products, accessing its features, and warming up with guided virtual assistance. Since the client or user can access the VR experience from anywhere, the need to send personnel to the client’s location or set up a customer grievance unit is eliminated.

Eliminate confusion with guided virtual onboarding walkthroughs

Since VR onboarding is experiential, the learning is lasting and detailed

Offers economical remote onboarding for minimal cost

Makes product onboarding a hassle-free experience

The onboarding process is more streamlined, cost-efficient, and engaging

Users can revisit the VR onboarding experience as many times as they want

In close collaboration with Cherry, VRdirect developed a comprehensive virtual showroom that combines every product department of Cherry in a shared environment. By visualizing products in real-life application scenarios, viewers get a clear and concise picture of how Cherry products can help them in their everyday lives. The high degree of immersion conveys the company’s advertising messages in a lasting way.

Virtual Reality

VR offers a swift, smooth transition to Work 4.0, and has remarkable use cases across a variety of business functions, big or small. VR must be an inseparable part of your organization, churning ready-to-launch, immersive VR projects on the fly. From creating virtual training rooms to interactive coworking spaces, a business needs quick access to tools that enable creating immersive VR projects by anyone on the team.

Maintain business discretion, safeguard against data breach and plagiarism

Warm-up your teams/workforce to creating VR projects internally

Quickly roll out accurate VR projects as and when the opportunity arises

Tailor your VR environments to suit your unique business needs - edit, upgrade, and add to projects as you see fit

Control the transition to VR at your own pace - start small with pilot VR projects and upscale as needed

Get started with your own Virtual Reality projects

Book a demo call and learn how you can create VR projects on your own without expert knowledge.

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