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Stand out from the crowd with unforgettable and immersive Virtual Reality experience to drive sales, raise brand awareness and retain customers.

Bring your brand to life

Customer expectations are constantly evolving. At the same time, it is becoming increasingly difficult to be remembered in the face of a media oversupply and the shortened attention span of users. Virtual Reality provides the remedy: Excite your audiences, make them engage with your products and brand and make your message stick in their minds.

Engaging Experiences – Measurable Success

75% simplified decision making

By letting audiences engage with your products and your brand directly and in a conceived “realistic” environment, customers are more likely to make a decision for your products, services and brand.

49% Increased brand awareness

Virtual Reality in Marketing & Entertainment not only drives sales, but also your brand awareness: According to a study by Touchstone Research, 80% of consumers feel positively towards experiencing branded VR tactics.

230% higher emotional connection

Virtual Reality’s high degree of immersion and interactivity leads to a stronger emotional connection to the content that’s shown as well as your brand and products.

VRdirect – The Platform

The VRdirect platform enables companies to create and share Virtual Reality projects with internal teams. The VRdirect Studio allows to create VR projects without expert skills. Projects can then be shared globally in real-time using the VRdirect Cloud and the VRdirect player for Smartphone, Tablet, Browser-/Website or VR headsets.

The VRdirect platform makes your company enterprise VR-ready.

Easy to use, Enterprise ready and enabling many VR use cases across the entire organization.

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Powerful and easy-to-use VR editor

VRdirect Platform Studio
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Native App for mobile devices

VRdirect App Android IOS
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Cloud-based infrastructure

vrdirect cloud global distribution
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Flexible player for every browser

VRdirect Webplayer Support

Experience true immersion

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These companies are already successfully
using Virtual Reality Marketing & Entertainment.

Generali Deutschland AG, dedicated to promoting employee health, encountered the challenge of effectively communicating the importance of wellness in the workplace. The objective was to craft an experience that not only informed but also actively engaged employees, underscoring the company’s commitment to their well-being.
The TUM School of Management in Munich is using Virtual Reality to enrich its marketing and student recruitment strategies. They partnered with VRdirect to create three immersive VR projects to engage prospective or existing students and partners.
With an innovative VR tour, the Institute for Machine Tools and Industrial Management at TUM has changed its approach to attracting industrial partners. Facing the challenge of efficiently showcasing its extensive test facility, the university partnered with VRdirect to create a comprehensive virtual tour.

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