Virtual Reality for travel tourism industry

Entertainment for customers. A selling tool for the travel business.

With VRdirect you will more than impress your customers – you’ll cause emotions: Imagine, your customer walks from your tourist office directly to a tropical island, just by putting on VR glasses, or an Asian customer experiences a German Christmas market without leaving his apartment. Learn how to use cutting edge technology profitably:

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How Virtual Reality will influence the travel industry

Virtual reality is one of the biggest and most anticipated current technology trends.

Advances in VR have opened up a whole new world of possibilities for the tourism industry to market their destinations in an exciting and engaging way that enthuses potential travellers and informs their accommodation choices and destinations.
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Make your customers feel. Support their buying decision.

Just put your customers from their home directly on a tropical island. Pictures and videos cause strong emotions in our brain. Because you control your VR experience with your own head movements, the emotion deepens many times over. What could convince your customers more than an actual walk through the Paris Louvre or a tropical lagoon.

Create a VR session from your local attractions.

Weather a Christmas market around the corner or sport activities in a certain resort, every destination has its specials, that are worth seeing. You just have to record it in a way, your customers can feel it. Give them a memorable VR experience with just little effort by yourself.

Become an innovation leader in the tourism industry.

The possibilities to use VR are just beginning. And that applies above all to the tourism industry. If you are one of the first to emotionally empower your clients with the help of VR, you can diversify your own services, serve the demand of the market – and be the innovation leader of your industry.

Be inspired. Use VR for your business case

More targeted sales

A travel company selected five destinations and produced VR videos to promote them. These offers sold seven times better than comparable offers advertised by traditional campaigns.

Increased publicity

A chain of travel offices produced high-class VR videos and lunched them on relevant blogs. The videos got fans, ranked on leaderboards and won awards. The brand increased its awareness by 60% within 3 months.

More hotel bookings

An international hotel chain produced VR walkthroughs from specific hotels and published them on their booking website. This hotels were booked 10 times more than the hotels presented by pictures only.

What our clients & partners say about VRdirect

“Buying decisions are often emotional ones, even more so when it comes to booking your next holiday – and Virtual Reality is perfect to really drive purchase decisions. With VRdirect as a proven platform, we can quickly implement our creative ideas in this area and provide our clients with very professional and cost efficient VR projects.”

Stefan Thomsen
Managing Partner Travel Marketeers

“From our experience Virtual Reality does significantly support the sales process. Our mission is to enable all of our clients to exploit the great potential of VR – by offering efficient and still very stable solutions. By using VRdirect we are saving clients the enormous costs of individual programming.”

Carlos Ayala Jiménez
Head of Sales at edataconsulting

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The VRdirect App enables businesses to easily make their Virtual Reality projects available to end-users, employees or partners without having to develop their own app. VR projects can be accessed via keyword, code or link and be permanently stored in the VRdirect App with just one click. Thus, a personalized Virtual Reality library can be created in no time.

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