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Virtual Reality is not the Metaverse, but a perfect starting point!​
December 7, 2022. By Rolf Illenberger.​
Company Documents Show Meta’s Flagship Metaverse Falling Short​
October 15, 2022. By Jeff Horwitz, Salvador Rodriguez and Meghan...
Un an après son big bang, Meta encore loin de convaincre sur le métavers​
October 14, 2022.​
Meta working to speed up metaverse, but success far from certain​
October 14, 2022.​
Facebook owner Meta unveils $1,500 VR headset: Will it sell?​
October 12, 2022. The Associated Press​
Facebook owner Meta unveils $1,500 VR headset​
October 12, 2022. The Associated Press​
Meta Luncurkan Headset Meta Quest Pro, Dibanderol Rp 23,7 Juta​
Rabu, October 12, 2022. S. Widodo​
Meta lancarkan alat pendengar VR AS$1,500​
October 12, 2022.​
Metaverse-Projekte: Neue Version von VRdirect Studio bringt neue Unterstützungen​
3. Oktober 2022. ​
Macron’s dream of a European metaverse is far from a reality​
September 14, 2022. Thomas Macaulay​
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