VRdirect Unveils VRXF Format Revolution

June 12, 2024
VRdirect Unveils VRXF Format Revolution

Amidst high demand for enterprise-level virtual reality (VR) solutions, VRdirect has announced a groundbreaking innovation – the introduction of the VRXF – Virtual Reality eXchange Format.

This innovative technology, a trailblazer in its industry, establishes a new benchmark for creating and sharing VR projects to bring together the currently divided VR market. The VRXF file format, currently patented by VRdirect in the United States, promises to greatly simplify the transfer and usage of VR projects across different devices, including VR headsets, mobile phones, tablets, and web browsers. This advancement marks a significant step in overcoming ecosystem incompatibilities, a major hindrance to VR adoption in the enterprise sector.

The VRXF is intended to facilitate an ecosystem of market participants who are integrating VRXF into their offerings. Creator/authoring tools can export VR projects in the VRXF format to leverage the VRXF player infrastructure across devices. Hardware/OEM providers can integrate the VRXF player into their operating systems.

The goal is clear: to create a VR framework for seamless integration and interaction across all platforms. This will allow VRdirect to open its ecosystem to other players like Adobe Photoshop, Figma, Autodesk and many more. With VRXF, enterprises can use VR technology more efficiently for digital transformation.

VRdirect - VRXF File workflow

Important features of the VRXF file format are:

This announcement emphasizes VRdirect’s commitment to innovation and positions VRXF as a potential global standard similar to the widely used PDF. It reflects our dedication to providing solutions that not only meet current market demands but also anticipate future trends and challenges.

VRXF represents the next stage in VRdirect’s development since its foundation in 2018 and establishes the company as an experienced player in this rapidly evolving industry. VRdirect’s software solutions have empowered companies to create and share VR projects effortlessly. The VRdirect Studio allows easy creation without needing expert skills, and projects can be instantly shared worldwide using the VRdirect Cloud and VRdirect player for Smartphones, tablets, browsers/Websites, or VR headsets.

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