Virtual Reality platform VRdirect now available as "Telekom VR-Tour" for Deutsche Telekom customers.
Virtual reality platform VRdirect now available as ‘Telekom VR Tour’ for Deutsche Telekom customers

Virtual reality platform VRdirect now available as ‘Telekom VR Tour’ for Deutsche Telekom customers

Munich, 18.10.2021 – The VRdirect virtual reality platform is now available to Deutsche Telekom’s business customers under the “Telekom VR-Tour” brand as part of MagentaBusiness WebServices, Deutsche Telekom’s digitization initiative for SMEs. Telekom VR-Tour” gives companies the opportunity to create their own virtual reality applications easily, quickly and without prior knowledge – for example, virtual tours through production lines, offices or exhibition grounds to address customers and other target groups even more directly, regardless of their location. The solution can be used to add additional multimedia content to 360° images and videos of a company’s own premises in order to convey information in a way that can be ‘experienced’ and remain firmly embedded in the target group’s memory. The ‘Telekom VR Tour’ application was developed using VRdirect’s virtual reality platform as a basis and is marketed to business customers by Deutsche Telekom as a sales partner.

‘Telekom VR Tour’ is available as part of MagentaBusiness WebServices at

White label solution for telecommunications companies

VRdirect’s technology can be used by telecommunications providers as a VR-as-a-service solution for customer-specific VR products. Providers such as Deutsche Telekom can thus offer innovative virtual reality products for their business customers without any major expenses. VRdirect offers their virtual reality platform as a VR-as-a-Service solution, which serves as a basis for both the web front end software in Deutsche Telekom’s corporate design for creating VR projects and the “Telekom VR Tour” app.

“Virtual Reality applications are becoming increasingly relevant for SME customers. As Deutsche Telekom, we want to offer customers a simple solution to create Virtual Reality projects with the “Telekom VR-Tour” offering as part of our MagentaBusiness WebServices portfolio,” said Patrick Schreiber, Senior Innovation Manager, Deutsche Telekom. “VRdirect provides the best VRaaS technology to enable our VR products and allows for flexible integration in our CI and CRM systems – which makes them the ideal partner for us.”

“Access to business customers is essential for the use and further development of the VRdirect technology and platform. With its business customer base and the new MagentaBusiness WebServices portfolio, Deutsche Telekom is the ideal partner for VRdirect. Deutsche Telekom’s decision to develop and offer the “Telekom VR Tour” solution as a white label product based on VRdirect technology emphasizes VRdirect’s technological expertise and VR-as-a-Service approach to developing customized VR products. This enables even more companies of all industries and sizes to gain immediate access to one of the most important topics of the future: Virtual Reality,” Rolf Illenberger, Managing Director of VRdirect, commented on the launch of “VR Tour”.

Deutsche Telekom business customers who want to use Virtual Reality even more extensively also have the option of booking one of VRdirect’s more comprehensive bundles via the Telekom Cloud Portal.

VRdirect also markets its software directly to companies, enabling them to create their own Virtual Reality projects entirely without expert knowledge. With the help of the VRdirect platform, companies can build a central Virtual Reality solution for the entire company, which can then be used by all specialist departments. VRdirect allows the use of different devices (smartphone, tablet, browser and VR headsets) as well as the global distribution of VR projects in real time. Customers such as Siemens or Nestle use VRdirect as a central virtual reality solution within the group.

About VRdirect
With its “VRdirect Studio” platform, the Munich-based software company VRdirect enables companies to design and publish their own virtual reality content with no programming effort at all. Typical use cases for these VR apps range from company training and continuing education processes to recruiting and onboarding of personnel to application scenarios in sales, customer support or in the context of trade fairs. Once created, the content can be accessed on all common end devices. Users are thus brought particularly close to the action and have the feeling of really engaging with the simulated environment.

VRdirect is a technology partner of Deutsche Telekom.

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