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Virtual Reality for Production and Operation

Virtual Reality offers the manufacturing industry the ability to increase productivity, streamline product development lifecycle, reduce training costs, and increase the availability of new products to market. Using virtual simulations at the product prototyping stage facilitates instant feedback application without restarting from scratch. VR is the perfect solution to becoming a 4.0 company with limitless possibilities.

Making Production more Productive

Virtual reality brings tangible benefits to manufacturing environments. In-house knowledge is distributed faster and more impressively, improving the production process and ensuring the safety and health of employees who internalize knowledge better. Reduce costs through virtual EHS and safety training and maintain business continuity in the event of problems or disruptions. In this way, you bring your employees closer together, no matter how far apart they work.

Improved Processes

By streamlining your departments, engineering, product development, manufacturing, and marketing, you leave no loose ends for impeccable inter-department coordination. A commonly accessible VR simulated work environment ensures maximum productivity with real-time feedback and changes.

Improves coordination between departments and production processes

Allows real-time feedback implementation

Speeds up the period of prototype development to market-ready product

Keeps all teams focused on the common goal

Virtual Reality (VR) has opened up a new world of business opportunities. Thanks to a dramatically improved availability of VR technology at lower cost than ever before, businesses are finding new ways to take full advantage of the possibilities VR has to offer in training environments.

Business Continuity

Using VR for crisis management training, you can better prepare your workforce to navigate any business disruption or crisis. Interactive hands-on training, compared to reading manuals or on-off drills, is a more precise and effective way to deal with critical crisis training.

VR training ensures a crisis-ready workforce

Facilitates data scientists with the ability to visualize data

Highlights department overdependence

Enhances remote working and team coordination, which is crucial during a crisis

Since VR reduces logistical costs, the money and time can be invested in recovering from the crisis

Ensure Work Safety (EHS)

With VR at your disposal, manufacturers today can rely on immersive VR training and environments to create safer workplaces while staying flexible and agile. Virtual Reality brings about safety in manufacturing and product development like no other. You can take your recruits to the most hazard-prone areas in a virtual simulation and not worry about their safety.

VR-based training simulations eliminate hazard risk

Reduces fear and anxiety for a workforce when working in at-risk areas

Helps in training workers on dangerous scenarios

Creates a more risk-wary workforce with a solid grasp of operating machines and equipment

Workers are better prepared to tackle emergencies

For the occupational safety experts from AST, Virtual Reality is the answer to delivering immersive, easy-to-use and practice-oriented training to companies.

Training & Learning

Never has training employees been so effective and risk-free, while maintaining an economic resource consumption. VR offers you a great opportunity to change how you train your recruits or upskill your employees with VR training modules that can be updated with little to no hassle.

Increased retention and memorability

Improves focus with minimal distraction

VR boosts preparedness with hands-on training

Interactive and immersive interaction with processes, machines, locations

Improves confidence of the recruits

Saves time, money, and resources

Ensuring the safety and health of their employees is an important and ever-present matter for companies worldwide. Immersive technology like Virtual Reality elevates the learning effect for employees, helping them to grasp the training content faster as well as to apply them more confidently. Siemens has acknowledged exactly this and successfully implements Virtual Reality to train its employees.

Manage Home Office and Reduce Travel

VR is an all-inclusive technology that makes working from home more connected, effective, and inclusive. And the energy and time that goes into commuting to the office every day can be channelized into improved productivity.

VR helps save energy and time in commuting

Virtual coworking helps in the real-time exchange of ideas, developments, and feedbacks

Enables time and location independence while still feeling connected with the team

VRdirect – The Platform

The VRdirect platform enables companies to create and share Virtual Reality projects with internal teams. The VRdirect Studio allows to create VR projects without expert skills. Projects can then be shared globally in real-time using the VRdirect Cloud and the VRdirect player for Smartphone, Tablet, Browser-/Website or VR headsets.

The VRdirect platform makes your company enterprise VR-ready.

Easy to use, Enterprise ready and enabling many VR use cases across the entire organization.

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Powerful and easy-to-use VR editor

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Native App for mobile devices

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Cloud-based infrastructure

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Flexible player for every browser

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