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Virtual Reality in Human Resources

Embrace HR 4.0 with Virtual Reality. Whether recruiting, onboarding, training employees, or nurturing a sustainable workplace ecosystem, using interactive VR simulations revolutionize your HR wing tackles everyday challenges.

The Next Level of Human Resources

Virtual Reality is an excellent tool for the digitization of HR’s many and varied tasks. Virtual Reality offers tangible and measurable added value for recruiting as well as for onboarding and training of employees. How about a 360-degree tour of the potential workplace, for example? This experience builds trust and anticipation, thereby increasing your company’s attractiveness to applicants. Studies have shown that the work processes at the new employer are learned more quickly with virtual onboarding and are more memorable due to the immersion effect. All in all, Virtual Reality is the ideal supplement for your HR, with which your company demonstrates special innovative ability to new applicants.

Training & Learning

Virtual Reality training makes learning visceral, with employees retaining information better. They get a clear grasp of complex concepts in short times and get hands-on training to become adept at tackling real-life job scenarios. The ability to ‘learn by doing’ is what makes VR an effective training tool that gives you an edge in the Industry 4.0 revolution.

Immersive VR training removes the distraction of the physical world

Real job simulations facilitate hands-on job training

No need for dedicated spaces for training

Speed up onboarding transition period of a new hire to a value-driven employee

VR condenses various complex technical concepts into one immersive experience

Ensuring the safety and health of their employees is an important and ever-present matter for companies worldwide. Immersive technology like Virtual Reality elevates the learning effect for employees, helping them to grasp the training content faster as well as to apply them more confidently. Siemens has acknowledged exactly this and successfully implements Virtual Reality to train its employees.

Talent Recruiting

Embedding VR at various recruitment stages established you as a futuristic company that everybody wants to be a part of. It allows giving candidates a peek into your company’s culture with immersive office tours and conducting interviews with virtual interview rooms. All of this without spending a dime arranging meetings or investing in logistics.

Improve remote hiring effectiveness with virtual interview rooms

Better assess candidates

Save on logistics and resources

Assess more candidates in a short time

Candidates get to experience the workplace from home and get a better understanding of what the job entails

It’s no secret: HR departments must use increasingly innovative means to attract and retain suitable applicants. With virtual reality, companies use innovative ways to convey strong impressions of the future workplace.


Condense all aspects of onboarding into one immersive VR experience. Briefings to meetings, employee training to group activities, Virtual Reality onboarding helps ease employee transition, making it streamlined, cost-efficient, and engaging.

Impress recruits with your tech-savvy approach

VR onboarding makes retaining information easy

Compresses heaps of information into a fun experience

Recruits can grasp your company's culture, missions, and vision in a day

Makes training engaging, concise, and hassle-free with a more hands-on approach

In order to give new colleagues the best possible start in their professional life and to enable them to work efficiently and unerringly right from the start, it often requires numerous meetings, on-the-job training courses, compliance training and safety briefings. This is not only costly and time-consuming, but also causes a lot of downtime. What if all this information were available in a single, comprehensive package that would enable new employees to learn almost independently? With Virtual Reality, exactly that is possible.

Employer Branding

VR gives you an edge to demonstrate your company’s true value proposition with immersive VR. VR experiences offer a genuine transparent view of your company’s culture, strengthen your employer branding, and retain – and attract – more qualified job candidates.

Position your company as flexible, reliable, and futuristic

Make your remote employees feel more connected to the office culture

Offer a genuine insight into your business to influence an employee’s joining decision

Retain current employees

Attract new talent from the best talent pools


Reduce your company’s carbon footprint with Virtual Reality. Mitigate relentless commute to offices or sites and the need for physical office spaces with VR simulations.

Reduces stress on the environment with remote working

Instills an environment-sensitive work culture

Attracts candidates wanting to be part of an ethical workplace

Creates a more positive work culture

Candidates feel part of a visionary project

At first, “Metaverse” sounds quite artificial and somewhat like a buzzword. But there is a lot of underlying substance. We explain how businesses can use VR to discover their Metaverse strategy.

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