Connected Reality: How an agency makes VR accessible for everyone with easy-to-understand standard products
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Connected Reality: How an agency makes VR accessible for everyone with easy-to-understand standard products

Connected Reality

Connected Reality specialized in consulting business in all aspects regarding trailblazing future technologies and delivering captivating Extended Reality experiences. Extended Reality is used as an umbrella term for Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR). As an agency, they develop and integrate huge and highly individualized solutions on a daily basis. However, these specialized and advanced solutions are often made for high-end devices and limited to specific use cases. For Connected Reality, showing their clients opportunities for quick yet impactful ways to access the medium is essential. Thus, they are also looking continuously for fast and efficient ways to let their clients utilize Extended Reality in the most effective manner possible.

With this goal in mind, Connected Reality created a multitude of service packages named “xr easy” that are easily and directly applicable for their intended use cases. Whether it is product presentations in Virtual Reality, virtual tours, safety trainings or onboarding experiences – with these prefabricated solution packages, clients are able to easily grasp the specifics of a product and make fast decisions.

Virtual Reality has grown up

Virtual Reality is no longer just the nice gimmick it was a couple of years ago. Companies worldwide rely on the immersive and interactive technology to engage their audiences. Not only large companies, but also small and medium-sized enterprises know exactly what they want and need to integrate VR into their business processes. They expect flexible and reliable solutions that seamlessly fit into their business and add value to their portfolio. There is no room for experimentation – companies need concise solutions for clearly defined use cases, and they need them fast. Agencies and service providers need to find a way to cater to those needs. Industry experts Connected Reality did exactly that.


Standardized products help clients make decisions

VR has become an integral part of everyday business life. This results in higher client expectations even for faster and less elaborate VR experiences: clients do not want to implement VR just for the sake of it, they expect a valuable addition to their portfolio, clearly apparent added value and versatile applicability.

Furthermore, for agencies like Connected Reality, complex development processes and prolonged client acquisition can make scaling their business a difficult task. The decision making process for clients is usually rather long, since often the development of VR experiences is quite costly and the finished product clients can expect is frequently not quite clear to them. That is why there is a clear need for standardized and concise service packages to allow for easier decision making, reducing the complexity and the financial effort on both sides. To summarize, even technically less demanding VR experiences need to meet the clients expectations regarding quality, characteristics and business value. All of these requirements make the use of a flexible, fast and stable solution absolutely paramount for Connected Reality to be able to meet this demand.

Connected Reality
Connected Reality
Connected Reality

Delivering reliably with the right solution

Using VRdirect Studio, Connected Reality is able to offer projects of their “xr easy” product portfolio quickly and efficiently. The agency is able to realize a multitude of projects in specific and recurring use cases. The easy-to-use nature of VRdirect Studio makes it possible to conceptualize and quickly implement standardized solutions with pre-defined parameters – thus, delivering the toolset needed for “xr easy” products. For clients, that means: Simply define your desired use case and choose the product that fits and, in addition, has been thoroughly tested by experts. What you get in return is a direct and very transparent offer, plus a clear timeframe for when you can implement and work with your product. On top, products can easily be individualized and also quickly and efficiently adjusted afterwards, should the need arise.

Another reason to use VRdirect Studio are the stable and flexible distribution options the platform provides, which allow Connected Reality’s clients to make the finished products available for their customers via all common devices, including VR headsets, a web browser, their web-based training solutions or directly via the VRdirect app. This flexibility makes the “xr easy” products easily applicable in a vast number of ways.


Scaling business with VRdirect

The clear and concise set of services in the “xr easy” series in combination with VRdirect Studio yields numerous benefits for both Connected Reality and their clients. While clients profit from a greater transparency regarding the final product, timeframe and possible applications, the standardized products allow Connected Reality an increased planning reliability. The clearly defined products are easier to communicate and market, in turn leading to more orders. The fast development cycle aided by VRdirect Studio makes realizing projects cost- and time-efficient and reduces development costs, allowing Connected Reality to take on more projects in a shorter amount of time and to scale and multiply their business. Clients benefit from fast and easy roll-out as well, as they can make use of their products sooner.

VRdirect Studio’s flexible distribution options make integrating the products into all of the clients’ processes easy and seamless, resulting in greater applicability. Aided by a powerful and stable platform like VRdirect Studio, Connected Reality is able to accommodate to their clients’ needs quickly and reliably while scaling their business continuously.

At a glance:

Benefits for clients:

     → Greater transparency
     → Reduced costs and faster delivery
     → Easy integration into all processes

Benefits for Connected Reality:

     → Increased planning reliability
     → Communicating and marketing products becomes easier
     → Business is easily scalable

For Connected Reality’s CEO & Founder, Christoph Ostler, easy-to-use standardized products is the way to go for agencies like Connected Reality. We sat down for an interview with him to talk about why that is. Click here to read the full interview.

For us to scale our business, we need a stable platform that reliably lets us work on a lot of projects in a standardized and easy-to-use manner. VRdirect does exactly that. We are able to realize projects quickly and efficiently, which means we can take on more orders and at the same time sell at very attractive rates.
Christoph Ostler
CEO & Founder of Connected Reality
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