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Immersive training in Virtual Reality: How Bühler Motor GmbH manages staff machine training remotely
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Immersive training in Virtual Reality: How Bühler Motor GmbH manages staff machine training remotely

Passing on skills and knowledge has always been a vital aim for society, but also a crucial success factor for companies. This success in learning is not simply dependent on the content, but just as much on the delivery. And for businesses, decisive factors are also time, costs, and remote staff. Staff training doesn’t happen immediately, and it’s not always possible or cost-effective to train your team on-site. That’s where immersive technologies such as Virtual Reality come in – which Bühler Motor GmbH, a system supplier and mechatronic drive solution specialist, recently discovered. The first step of their innovative training and onboarding solution was in VR.

These days, all modern training courses involve digital solutions. These kinds of educational solutions have been on the market for years, ranging from e-learning platforms, informative videos and interactive learning software, and these have shaped today’s needs for modern training courses. However, the use of Virtual Reality is still relatively new – even though this technology has firmly established itself in the realm of training. Research has proven this: in 2017, the University of Applied Science in Cologne found that 52% of surveyed firms were planning to increase their use of VR for staff training. This use has sharply accelerated recently, especially since the ‘Metaverse’ has grown in popularity. No longer are people as wary of high-tech, and more barriers to entry have fallen thanks to the availability of affordable devices and intuitive platforms. Virtual Reality has not only made learning fun, but it has obvious and scientifically proven benefits for successful learning:

1. Immersion leads to faster learning

Virtual Reality provides an incredibly immersive user experience: the learner is placed directly into the virtual learning environment, which has proven to speed up the learning process. A study by PWC found that trainees absorbed learning content up to 4 times quicker using VR. They could then also apply their learning with greater confidence. In 2018, the Johnson & Johnson Institute came to the same conclusion: Here, surgeons used VR to practice an operation they had never done before. The control group solely used conventional teaching methods. The results? None of the control group could carry out the procedure in the lab, while 83% of the VR-trained surgeons could successfully perform the surgery with minimal help. VR training is proven to significantly improve learned knowledge – comprehensively and sustainably.

Watch the video on Bühler Motor GmbH: Immersive and location-independent VR training and onboarding on mobile devices.

Play Video about Bühler Motor GmbH: Immersive, ortsunabhängiges Training & Onboarding in Virtual Reality auf mobilen Devices

2. Regular repetition leads to sustainable learning

VR allows for learning environments to be mapped virtually in the most realistic way. This means users can practice certain processes over and over again, independently, until they feel confident enough to apply their skills safely in real-life situations. This repetition in a realistic context helps anchor long-term process learning.

3. VR environments are risk-free

Another advantage of Virtual Reality: it’s ideal for training teams on risky processes or dangerous machines. Learners in VR environments aren’t at any physical risk and can’t accidentally damage expensive work equipment. Learners can experience hands-on all the possible errors and dangerous situations, which perfectly prepares them for real emergencies.

Regelmäßige Wiederholungen unterstützen nachhaltiges Lernen
Keine Risiken in virtuellen Umgebungen

Bühler Motor GmbH: Immersive, location-independent VR training and onboarding on mobile devices

Bühler Motor GmbH is a prime example of how Virtual Reality can help train staff. The firm manufactures mechatronic drive solutions for the automotive industry, aviation and numerous industrial applications. It has around 1,350 employees working across three continents. When on-site staff training for the launch of a new production facility in China became impossible due to COVID-19 travel restrictions, the firm turned to VR for staff inductions. A VR app was created together with VR/AR/XR experts from Connected Reality, a full-service provider of immersive technologies. The app is in both German and Mandarin, and combines 360° films, images and detailed 2D videos to provide a comprehensive, interactive training experience. It offers all the critical knowledge needed to commission the production system, as well as extra troubleshooting training material. Connected Reality took complete care of implementing the solution with the VRdirect Studio. To ensure that all staff could easily use the app in the long-term and from remote locations, there were several decisive factors:
For all these reasons, the VRdirect studio was selected as the ideal platform to create and implement the VR app. With its stable Cloud infrastructure, the VRdirect Studio ensures projects on its platform are available 24/7 and can be reliably accessed from around the world, completely independent of time and place. Offline use is also seamless, using any commonly available end device. With the VRdirect Studio, projects are available on tablets, smartphones, VR headsets, as well as directly on web browsers accessed by laptops and PCs. This means users aren’t tied to specific devices and can use any depending on what’s at hand. Of course, training apps must be able to react to changing circumstances with adapted content. Here, the VRdirect Studio has just the right tool: With real-time updates, all projects can be edited immediately through the Cloud, so you can keep it up to date with new training materials and conditions. The result for Bühler Motor GmbH: a fast, transparent solution that provides simple and visual instructions on how to operate the production plant, regardless of time and place. By always being available, this allows for their team to develop deeper knowledge of the content, and new staff can be trained interactively. This Virtual Reality experience proves how other staff training modules can be carried out in future without on-site training, offering clear savings in time and resources.

Virtual Reality: Pre-destined for training & onboarding

The training solution created for Bühler Motor GmbH is just one example of how powerful VR can be when used to train staff. Above all, it clearly demonstrates that this technology isn’t just a gimmick – it plays a major role in successful training. By taking advantage of all the benefits of learning immersion, the stability and usability of modern platforms, firms and organizations will not only achieve better learning outcomes in the long term, but also effectively save money and resources.
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