2,500 New Jobs in the Metaverse, AR Contact Lens, and Wendy’s in Horizon Worlds

April 7, 2022
2,500 New Jobs in the Metaverse, AR Contact Lens, and Wendy’s in Horizon Worlds

The trend towards the metaverse continues, last but not least demonstrated by Microsoft’s Work Trend Index 2022. The shift towards new technologies can’t be stopped, especially among the next generation of employees. Forward-thinking companies are therefore already looking into metaverse technologies and keeping an eye on relevant technological innovations.

Meta creates 2,500 more jobs for the Metaverse

Meta is building a new XR hub in Canada. 2,500 researchers are expected to work on Virtual and Augmented Reality there. “The majority of roles are engineering-focused and expected to span across building extended reality experiences and Meta technologies,” the official blog states.

Meta is also investing half a billion dollars in funding for 17 Canadian research labs working on metaverse technologies.

Read more in the Meta Newsroom: Investing in Canadian Talent to Help Build for the Metaverse.

Wendy's opens store in Horizon Worlds

How do brands present themselves in the metaverse? How are products offered and sold there? After McDonalds has already filed metaverse patents related to food delivery, competitor Wendy’s is already one step ahead.

The world’s third-largest fast-food company has opened a virtual restaurant in the metaverse app Horizon Worlds. However, customers cannot yet order food there. Instead, they can search for Easter Eggs related to the brand in the digital restaurant and win coupons for real meals at Wendy’s.

Big companies are therefore already working on their presence in virtual worlds today. In our metaverse guide for companies we explain why it makes sense for businesses to start with Virtual Reality now.

Find the announcement here: Satisfy your Wendy’s craving in VR, thanks to Horizon Worlds.

Mojo Vision shows prototype AR contact lens

As a mature metaverse technology, Virtual Reality offers companies a wide range of useful applications. The second metaverse technology, Augmented Reality, brings the digital into the real world and is particularly suitable for everyday applications, such as navigation. Most people talk about sleek AR glasses that are not noticeable in everyday life. The start-up Mojo Vision is thinking one step more subtle: it wants to launch an AR contact lens on the market.

Mojo Lens, a prototype that is considered “feature complete,” was recently unveiled. It is a hard contact lens with built-in micro batteries and a display that resolves at 14,000 pixels per inch and has a field of view of around 15 degrees. The lens can display information such as running speed or route information.

The data is streamed via a computer that is worn around the neck. With continuous use, the batteries currently last around two hours. Mojo Vision’s goal is one day of normal use. Mojo Lens is expected to hit the market in about five years.

Learn more about the tech contact lens here: AR-Kontaktlinse Mojo Lens: Das ist der neue Prototyp.

Mojo Vision shows prototype AR contact lens
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