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#EuropeWorks – VR goes beyond visualization of projects

December 7, 2018
#EuropeWorks – VR goes beyond visualization of projects

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At their #EuropeWorks exhibition, the European Investment Bank (EIB) has demonstrated how Virtual Reality can help the visibility of great projects. ALGAplus for example, one of the companies financed with the help of the European Fund for Strategic Investments (and central pillar of the Juncker Plan) offers fascinating production scenarios that usually no one would ever be able to witness:

An interactive VR experience allowed visitors in Brussels to dive into the world of healthy algae production including breathtaking aerial views on the harvesting fields of the Portuguese biotech company close to the sea.

Based on the Virtual Reality platform VRdirect, the experience was showcased to visitors on Oculus Go. This way, VR enables visitors at a physical event to experience products, topics and solutions in a way never seen before. The emotional experience provided by the immersive consumption of content through headsets like an Oculus Go goes beyond a product presentation or a stand at an exhibition, which makes Virtual Reality such an important part of events and conferences in the future. If you want to take a closer look at the advantages of VR, we recommend to read our blog post “six reasons why vr experiences work better than you think”.

The EuropeWorks exhibition is an event by the European Union, where visitors are invited to experience directly how Europe improves lives. Learn more about the EuropeWorks initiative here or have look the full image gallery on facebook.

EuropeWorks – VR goes beyond visualization of projects
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