Benefits of Virtual Reality in the Tourism and Travel industry

May 6, 2019
Benefits of Virtual Reality in the Tourism and Travel industry

Virtual Reality is transforming the travel and tourism industry in an unstoppable way! VR can create amazing experiences limited only by your imagination. It is an excellent tool for marketing hotel rooms, flights, and travel products. As a hotel or travel company, you can provide unique customer experiences with VR elements on your website or as app downloads.

Support customer buying decisions and give insights before booking a hotel

The primary benefit of Virtual Reality in the tourism and travel industry is to initially provide a kind of ‘try before you buy’ option. The immersive nature of VR enables everyone to experience a virtual version of a hotel room, attraction, or unique selling point. VR can cause strong emotions more convincingly than just viewing images or reading customer reviews can achieve. Because customers usually require lots of information before they book a hotel room, you can significantly shorten the process of researching and seeking information by using VR. VR experiences offer an effective way to show customers how their stay could look like, and give them confidence that they are dealing with a honest vendor with nothing to hide, before arriving at a purchase decision.

Benefits of Virtual Reality in the Tourism and Travel industry

Create a VR experience from your  local attractions to increase publicity

The big-hitting tourist destinations dominate the tourism market, leaving marketers of smaller or less famous attractions a hard time in competing.

VR helps to attract a large audience of visitors to see a destination’s potential and to show how worthy it is to visit. An attention-grabbing, immersive VR experience has exponentially greater impact on increasing visitor intention than traditional media, and at relatively small cost.

Alternatively, you might not want hordes of visitors descending on a place that is literally crumbling under the mass of tourists. Or some environmentally sensitive destinations will have unique ecosystems in danger from human intrusion. Or a destination might just be too expensive for most people to reach. In these cases, VR can provide a satisfying substitute for the real experience. 

VRdirect Tourism

Become an innovation leader  in the tourism industry 

Make VR valuable in your area of tourism and travel and be amongst the first to emotionally empower your customers with the help of VR. Typically, tourist customers seek to purchase experiences rather than products, and Virtual Reality offers a great way to provide a completely new customer journey that takes in all the senses. thereby creating maximum customer value. You can diversify your services, meet the demands of the market – and be an innovative leader of your industry. Be aware also that Millennials and upcoming Generation Z customers already spend a lot of time in digital environments and are therefore the perfect target group for digital technologies. 


What our partners and clients say

VRdirect enables businesses to easily create their own Virtual Reality projects and to make them available to end-users, employees or partners. Everything without having to develop their own app and without the need of any expert skills. Read how our partners and clients are already using it profitably:

Benefits of Virtual Reality in the Tourism and Travel industry

„Virtual Reality for Tourism – it is very obvious that the medium offers great possibilities. Buying decisions are often emotional ones and VR again is perfect to support this. At the same time, we always want to offer our clients marketing ideas that are reasonable within a more complex strategy and a step ahead of the competitors. With VRdirect as a proven platform, we can quickly implement our creative ideas in this area and provide our clients with very professional, stable and cost efficient Virtual Reality projects (VR apps and Web Player solutions).”

Stefan Thomsen 
Managing Partner at Travel Marketeers

“Virtual Reality / Interactive 360° is a key medium when it comes to tourism and city marketing. Successfully working with hotels, cultural institutions and tourism authorities in Germany and also Spain, edataconsulting is alwaysexploring possibilities in how to add “virtual value” to a campaign. From our experience VR does significantly support the sales process and as an emotional medium can really drive purchase decisions. Our mission is to enable all of our clients to exploit the great potential of Virtual Reality – by offering efficient, scalable and still very stable solutions. As experts in 360° production and marketing we can fully rely on VRdirect here. By using the platform to build and distribute our projects we are saving clients the enormous costs of programming.”

Carlos Ayala Jiménez
Head of Sales at edataconsulting

Benefits of Virtual Reality in the Tourism and Travel industry

Are you keen to learn more about working with Virtual Reality in the tourism and travel industry?

Download our White Paper for an in-depth view on the various benefits of VR for the tourism and travel industry, as well as a step-by-step guide for how to create your own interactive experience. Learn how to use VR to increase hotel bookings and get to know more about future trends in travel marketing.

Virtual Reality is exploding all over the tourism industry, and as a stakeholder and player you cannot escape its impact!

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