Virtual Reality: The new frontier for hotel marketing and booking

July 19, 2018
Virtual Reality: The new frontier for hotel marketing and booking

The Flushing Meadows Hotel & Bar in Munich, Germany has a unique story to tell its guests. With eleven spectacular rooms all inspired and created by selected designers, musicians, artists and even a local surf legend, it is the place to stay for aficioandos of good taste – and top notch drinks.

Showcasing this attention to detail, design and a unique “home away from home” experience to potential guests can be challenging to achieve with just words and photos alone.

Luckily, an Interactive Virtual Tour created with VR platform partner VRdirect solves this problem. View The Flushing Meadows Hotel and Bar VR experience below!

What makes Virtual Tours effective

Rather than traditional 2D mediums such as still photos and videos, with Virtual Reality (VR) your potential guests can now fully immerse themselves in your hotel, moving within the rooms as if they are actually inside them. Being fully immersed gives your guests the opportunity to notice details as small as furniture placements to as grand as a stunning 360° views like the Flushing Meadows rooftop bar.

The opportunity to look in every direction with multiple angles gives your guests unprecedented knowledge of what they’re going to be paying for.

Virtual Reality is the next big thing

Not only is VR quickly developing into tech sectors in the market, but the rapid rise of VR-enabled cell phones and VR headset devices is apparent, with over 22 million VR headsets sold this year alone. Hotels should be using this to competitively attract more guests and to secure direct bookings, especially because statistic-backed studies show VR tours reduce wasted viewings by 40%. That’s a huge number!

New technology makes it easy to implement VR

Using VRdirect, the team at The Flushing Meadows Hotel & Bar ( were able to easily create and publish a stunning interactive stereoscopic 360 experience of their hotel with spatial audio, showcasing their exquisite rooms and views exactly how they were meant to be for potential guests across all mobile devices and platforms including the Oculus Go.

Using any 360° camera and the easy-to-use VRdirect Platform, creating your own interactive Virtual Tour has never been more simple.

Go VRdirect

VRdirect allows you to create and publish VR experiences with a click of a button removing the need for any complex programming knowledge. Allowing you to create stunning interactive virtual tours of your hotel or spa. To learn more or to create your own interactive VR experience visit

About VRdirect

The VRdirect platform is the easiest solution to create and publish Virtual Reality projects. There are no expert skills needed. Moreover, Virtual Reality projects created with VRdirect can be published instantly via any VR enabled device, smartphone or web-browser and you can update them easily and in real-time.

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