Apple & Deutsche Telekom’s digital offensive in schools gives huge push to Virtual Reality in education

October 26, 2021
Apple & Deutsche Telekom’s digital offensive in schools gives huge push to Virtual Reality in education
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It has been a long time coming, but finally there is some momentum in the debate: At last, schools in Germany are going digital. Their digitization efforts are supported by telecommunications enterprise Deutsche Telekom as well as the world’s largest technology company, Apple. While Deutsche Telekom is taking care of necessary network infrastructure, Apple provides schools with devices as well as software.

With these and other efforts, Apple and Telekom are pursuing the goal of shaping digital learning. The ‘digital school of the future’ is still far from status quo and poses a huge challenge to school boards and administrators – which is why Deutsche Telekom and Apple approach schools with clear and concise holistic concepts. From planning, designing media development plans to technical preparations and classroom organisation, educational institutions get support every step along the way. The project marks an unprecedented collaboration of two companies combining their core competencies for the benefit of public schools. What’s particularly interesting: with the initiative, Deutsche Telekom & Apple introduce schools to Virtual Reality by providing ‘Virtual Learning Tours’, showcasing how the technology can support learning processes in schools.

Why is Virtual Reality helpful for schools?

  • Using Virtual Reality, students learn up to 4x faster and can apply what they have learned more confidently, according to a PWC study
  • Virtual Reality is highly interactive, leading to more attention from students and increases motivation to learn
  • Learning courses can be reused as many times as needed
  • With the right platform, students can use Virtual Reality courses from any device, anytime and anywhere

Interested parties can even see the potential for themselves: the ‘Apple Experience Center’ in Bonn – presented by Deutsche Telekom – offers deep insights into the wide range of products and services provided by Deutsche Telekom in collaboration with Apple’s unique product world. The experience center is suitable for focused workshops and discussions in smaller groups, where participants are able to try out Apple and Deutsche Telekom’s holistic educational approach.

To take a look for yourself, start your digital learning tour directly via the associated website. In the tour, two decision-makers (school board and principal) accompany you on the way and help you solve your everyday challenges by letting you explore everything you need to know about Apple and Deutsche Telekom in education in an interactive and playful manner.

The Digital Learning Tour is made possible by the VRdirect platform. VRdirect also provides support to the project about everything related to Virtual Reality.

How can VRdirect help?

The VRdirect platform is especially suited for schools who are about to start their digitization journey. Its easy-to-use approach allows schools to get started with Virtual Reality without expert knowledge, simply putting together powerful 360° solutions with just a couple of clicks. All Virtual Reality solutions can be published to all common devices, from VR headsets to web browsers and even mobile devices and are available 24/7. That way, schools can use Virtual Reality for education with next to no entry barriers. If you want to know more about how VRdirect can support you and your school, let us know via e-mail.

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Launching at the DigiX in Cologne, the Apple Education Showroom:
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