How Virtual Showrooms Support Sales

October 26, 2021
How Virtual Showrooms Support Sales
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Online presentation of products is essential for most retail companies, even more so during a pandemic. Virtual Reality offers an enormous potential to go one step further. This year, the world’s largest trade fair for sporting goods and sports fashion was faced with the challenge of how to present the award-winning products of the ISPO Award 2021 to the interested trade and sports audience.

Together with the ISPO Awards team, the agency Connected Reality created a virtual 360° showroom in which the winners of the various categories are presented. It was particularly important that the products, materials and functions could be digitally “experienced” in 360° but still in the highest quality, complemented by additional and interactive information.

Here you can experience the virtual product presentations of the ISPO Award winners: 

Agency Connected Reality:
Connected Reality specialized in consulting business in all aspects regarding trailblazing future technologies and delivering captivating Extended Reality experiences. Extended Reality is used as an umbrella term for Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR). As an agency, they develop and integrate huge and highly individualized solutions on a daily basis.

However, these specialized and advanced solutions are often made for high-end devices and limited to specific use cases. For Connected Reality, showing their clients opportunities for quick yet impactful ways to access the medium is essential. Thus, they are also looking continuously for fast and efficient ways to let their clients utilize Extended Reality in the most effective manner possible.

With this goal in mind, Connected Reality created a multitude of service packages named “xr easy” that are easily and directly applicable for their intended use cases. Whether it is product presentations in Virtual Reality, virtual tours, safety trainings or onboarding experiences – with these prefabricated solution packages, clients can easily grasp the specifics of a product and make fast decisions. Web:

" (...) We have laid the foundation for reaching even more interested people with the digital award exhibition".

Using the VRdirect Studio, Connected Reality was able to create a virtual showroom that shows the products in the best way possible. In the following we show you the advantages Virtual Reality brings:

Better customer experience

Virtual Reality ensures that your customers engage with your products in an innovative and immersive way.

More visibility

Virtual product presentations offer new ways to showcase your products and let your customers explore different aspects, resulting in more leads and lower costs.

Suitable for Events

A Virtual Reality event can engage audiences spread across the globe without having to be on-site.

Learn more about Virtual Reality for events.
When companies incorporate Virtual Reality into their sales processes, they enable customers to get valuable insights into their products. As a result, a purchase decision is made easier. There is a higher likelihood that your customers will convert if you make the look and feel of your products more tangible. Stores that offer an additional VR showroom increase their qualified leads. A VR showroom allows potential customers to experience your products anytime, anywhere, reducing the need for numerous sales calls and therefore travel costs. The ISPO example shows how Virtual Reality is ideally suited for product presentations and for sales because VR can bring your message across like no other medium.
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The VRdirect platform enables you to start your own Virtual Reality product presentation right away. It takes you through building 360° VR projects with software that requires no previous programming knowledge, to publishing and distributing it to you customers across a wide range of platforms and devices.

The product experience in digital showrooms can be used on all devices: smartphone, tablet, PC/laptop, Virtual Reality glasses, cardboard glasses, integrated into the company’s own website and via social media. With a Virtual Showroom you can not only effectively market your products, but also offer tours through your company, production lines, offices or factories. If you want to know how to use Virtual Reality for your Use Case, schedule a demo with one of our experts.

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