We had an exciting time at AWE US 2022 in Santa Clara, California!

June 10, 2022
We had an exciting time at AWE US 2022 in Santa Clara, California!

AWE is one of the most valuable global AR/VR communities, covering Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), Mixed Reality (MR), immersive technologies, and assistive technologies. With over 1 billion users and most Fortune 1000 companies on board, spatial computing has finally hit the mainstream.  

Each year, the show features thousands of visitors from around the world, hundreds of sponsors and exhibitors, and an extensive network of experts in augmented reality, virtual reality, and other immersive technologies. This year’s AWE was all about the Metaverse. 

In this context we were fortune enough to have a fantastic location on the main hallway and right next to Meta. This led to a constant traffic flow on our booth resulting in exciting talks and product demos of our all new VRdirect WebStudio and of course also of our enterprise proven VRdirect Studio

Despite last year, when everybody was keen on trying on our headsets and experience the final results of our client’s projects, this year visitors were especially interested in seeing how the platform works and how easy it is to bring virtual reality projects alive. This is great for us, because it indicates, that now the ease of use of our platform itself becomes the star.  

It was especially interesting for us to see, that in our perception this year’s focus was again clearly on hardware topics. A lot of exciting exhibitors were showcasing their products, like Magic Leap, Qualcomm or OVR Technology who are making VR smellable.

In general, you could see a major increase in performance and form factor of devices of hardware in the AR & VR space. This leads us to the hypothesis, that by next year hardware will no longer be a limiting factor anymore and the focus will really be on immersive use-cases and applications in B2B & B2C. 

For sure we also had the chance to take a few walk arounds at the event location, listen to some of the conference speeches and exchange with other vendors. 

This briefly summarized you can say that data protection and privacy were one of the key topics at AWE and we as VRdirect make sure to live up to the expectations and standards of our B2B customers as well as of the B2C custom audience.

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See you in October at AWE EU 2022 in Lisbon!

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