Deutsche Telekom uses VRdirect Custom Whitelabel Solutions to enable businesses

October 4, 2021
Deutsche Telekom uses VRdirect Custom Whitelabel Solutions to enable businesses

We are excited to announce our partnership with Deutsche Telekom to launch Deutsche Telekom VR-Tour, a white-label version of our VRdirect software available as part of the company’s MagentaBusiness WebServices. Deutsche Telekom is Europe’s leading telecommunications provider and their MagentaBusiness WebServices comprise a range of services that helps small and medium-sized enterprises to quickly and easily set up and optimize their web presence.

Among those services and web solutions, Deutsche Telekom also offers a Virtual Reality platform to their clients. Due to the increasing popularity of innovative, digital means to shape the way we communicate with each other, attract costumers or market products, the demand for VR solutions is growing continuously.

Deutsche Telekom enables businesses to get started with Virtual Reality

With interactive virtual tours through business premises, production halls or factories, Deutsche Telekom customers can create immersive experiences, use multimedia content and interactive hotspots to present their company in the best possible way, all the while being able to integrate external links that lead to relevant web pages, online shops or even other Virtual Reality projects directly into the tour. In addition, VR tours can be published globally and flexibly on existing websites, via mobile app or Virtual Reality headsets and the interactive VR tour can be integrated. Companies can integrate VR solutions into their product portfolio and offer their customers a platform that supports sales, marketing, recruiting and many other business areas with Virtual Reality.

Find out how to transform your business with our white label solution.

With Deutsche Telekom VR-Tour, the company offers its clients an easy-to-use platform for them to create their own projects without expert knowledge. However, creating a Virtual Reality platform and making it available to a large number of clients usually requires a high level of expertise, investment, time and patience. But there’s no need to develop such solution yourself – the answer is Custom VR solutions. At its core, Deutsche Telekom VR-Tour is a whitelabel solution, fully compliant with the enterprises corporate identity. A cloud-based VR ecosystem for all Deutsche Telekom customers, powered by VRdirect. In other words, Deutsche Telekom has taken an existing, high-performance solution and integrated it into its own portfolio as a whitelabel solution.

How Custom Whitelabel VR solutions can help you as well

VRdirect enables strategic partners and resellers to operate and market their own B2B or B2C Virtual Reality product as a white label solution based on VRdirect technology (VR as a Service / VRaaS). This allows partners to offer innovative products to their B2B / B2C customers to expand their product portfolio, increase revenue / ARPU and gain a competitive advantage over their competitors. Companies can strengthen their brand by integrating our solution into their branded environment. You do not need to develop your own solution, when our solution can be customized to your individual needs. Whether it’s design, brand, features or CRM integration – with VRdirect’s VRaaS solution, you can create your own Virtual Reality ecosystem. 

Find out how to transform your business with our white label solution.


By integrating solutions like VRdirect, telecommunications providers like Deutsche Telekom or IT-resellers can become business enablers with new, cutting-edge technologies like cloud-based Virtual Reality. We ensure that telecommunications providers, IT service providers and other IT market players become ambassadors of the future with a universal platform that can be individually integrated into their business customer portfolio.

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