New feature in VRdirect Studio 2.2.0: Save storage space and optimize your data load by integrating external videos

July 20, 2020
New feature in VRdirect Studio 2.2.0: Save storage space and optimize your data load by integrating external videos

VRdirect Studio 2.2.0 opens the door for external content. With the newest update, you’ll be able to integrate videos, that are hosted on another system, into your VR project. Check out this blog article and learn how to use the new feature.

We recently introduced you to the newest feature of our VRdirect Studio regarding external links in the last blogpost.

But obviously, that was not all. Here comes part two of our product update!

VRdirect Studio now enables creators to integrate external videos, that are hosted on another system. 

For the integration, all you need is the video URL. By using the web address and linking to the video you are saving storage as well as keeping the experience smaller. This also means that you don’t have to re-upload and publish the VR project when updating the videos.

It is also possible to integrate live video streams. Simply add an HLS (.m3u8) enabled streaming URL provided by your live stream provider into the VRdirect Studio.

Please note: Sometimes the external system that hosts the video (e.g. Hubspot, WordPress, Sharepoint, …) blocks the VR project from displaying the video. Therefore, thorough testing on all platforms (web, smartphone, VR glass) is essential. Please always test the published VR project, not only in preview!

It is also important for you to know that the display of the external videos relies on a stable and working internet connection.

How the feature works:

  • Add new object to your VR project
  • In the object properties sidebar, switch from “media file” to “external video”
  • Object will switch to “external video” – meaning also the object graphic + video settings will be adapted
  • A text field will appear, where you have to insert the video URL that should be opened
  • Object position and interaction events can be adapted as with all normal objects
  • Use preview to check your VR project
  • After uploading & publishing, users will be able to see your video, coming from an external online source (that you specified)
  • Please test your published project on web, smartphone (app) and Oculus (app) to ensure full correspondence with your external hosting system!

 Video URL must 

  • start with https://
  • end with .mp4 or .m3u8
  • contain at least one character between https:// and the format ending

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