Product Update: VRdirect Builder Version 1.9 is improving Usability!

November 16, 2019
Product Update: VRdirect Builder Version 1.9 is improving Usability!

Following the latest background optimization and performance improvements, we now release the new version of the VRdirect Builder 1.9, which comes with a number of changes to improve the usability. But that is not everything! Read on to get the full picture of whats new!

If you have already downloaded the Builder, the software will ask you to update when you open it the next time. So as not to lose too many words, let’s get straight into the latest changes:

VRdirect Builder 1.9 – What’s new?

Updated wording for the most important elements
Thanks to the feedback of some of our users, we decided to change the wording of a few elements in the Builder. This is particularly relevant for new users, whom we want to make it easier for to get started:

Nodes are now called Scenes
Transitions become Connections
– Experiences are now simply named Projects

Integration of quick guide and quick links to tutorials and examples
We know that starting with a new software and getting used to it always takes some time. But the faster you overcome the initial difficulties, the faster you see results and the more fun you have using it. Our newly integrated User Guide makes the start much easier, and if you get stuck at some point the quick links to our tutorials and examples should get you back on track. You can access them through the top menu bar.

Publish projects without the need of a preview image
One step less to publish your VR projects! While we still recommend uploading a nice preview image for your projects, you don’t have to do it anymore. If you leave the field blank, we’ll choose a default image for you.

Relocation of the local preview feature to the top navigation bar
We have chosen to clean up the storyboard view in the builder and to move the local preview to the top navigation bar. This update gives you more space to arrange your scenes and helps you to keep the overview.

If you have downloaded the Builder already, the update will be done automatically for you. If not, sign up now for a Free Trial License to get the latest version and 30 days of free publishing:

Your feedback is super valuable for us

We want to build products our users love. But therefore, we need to understand what exactly you are looking for! Please tell us where you think we should improve, what features you are missing or if there is anything you don’t understand. Just write us a quick message to, we are looking forward to your feedback!
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