How to Improve the Onboarding Process with Virtual Reality

November 18, 2019
How to Improve the Onboarding Process with Virtual Reality
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When a new employee joins a company, there’s a process in which they are expected to acquire the knowledge, skills, and behaviors that will make them a successful member of the team. This is called onboarding. An effective onboarding requires time, money, and resources outside of the normal budget of running a business. With virtual reality, however, this process becomes more streamlined, cost-efficient, and engaging.

Virtual Reality Onboarding

Onboarding normally consists of meetings, readings, videos, and more meetings. What if all of the information from all of these contexts was condensed into one comprehensive package? All this is possible with a virtual reality onboarding experience. Within such an experience, information can be communicated in an immersive 360° environment through video content, images, and multiple types of interactions. Unlike in traditional onboarding, there’s no need to take notes or ask questions a second time; a VR experience can be revisited as needed. Additionally, experiences can be easily distributed and reused across devices in a company. Check how these companies already use Virtual Reality for training.

VR Onboarding

Training Employees in VR

Training is much like onboarding, but is essential for employees both new and established. Like the onboarding process, training requires time, money, and resources — luckily, it can also be improved with VR. A fascinating study performed by Johnson & Johnson regarding VR surgery training showed that 83% of surgeons trained in VR were ready to complete the procedure in a lab setting with minimal guidance. In comparison, none of the surgeons trained with traditional methods were prepared to perform the procedure. With results like these, VR training is making big changes in how professionals acquire new skills in the workplace. To learn more about virtual reality employee training and about companies of varying sizes that are already using it in creative and effective ways, check out this article. If you’re interested in learning how to integrate VR into your own business operations, take a look at our VR solutions and don’t hesitate to reach out.

VR Onboarding

An Exciting New Solution

Virtual reality’s high information retention rate is a product of its interactivity and often gamified experiences. Both onboarding and training can be elevated by VR, becoming more meaningful, effective, and enjoyable. Most of all, VR offers scalable solutions that will make an impact for just about any business. If you’re interested in learning how to integrate VR into your own business operations, take a look at our White Paper and schedule a free demo with us.

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