Virtual Reality Safety Training

Provide your employees with effective and comprehensive Virtual Health & Safety Training to reduce accidents, save costs and lead to better training results.

Ensure the safety of your staff

Ensuring the safety and health of their employees is an important and ubiquitous issue for companies worldwide. Industrial companies in the manufacturing sector in particular, whose employees work in factories with heavy machinery, are faced with the challenge of continually raising their employees’ awareness of issues such as factory security and occupational safety. Virtual Reality EHS provides employees with faster and better training results, significantly reduces accidents and saves costs at the same time.

Superior Health & Safety Training – proven effectivity

70% reduced risk of accidents

Virtual Reality Safety Training lets employees interact with life-like surroundings, helping them internalize processes better, leading to more workplace safety.

40% higher confidence to act

Studies have shown that employees that have been trained using Virtual Health & Safety Training were able to apply their new knowledge more confidently compared to those who were trained with other methods.

75% increased learning effect

Immersive technology like Virtual Reality elevates the learning effect for employees, helping them to grasp the training content faster, leading to less downtime and, in turn, reduced costs.

VRdirect – The Platform

With VRdirect Studio, Virtual Reality applications can be created directly within specialist departments without the need for expert knowledge. The platform is fully enterprise-ready – all applications can be used company-wide and made available across departments in a central hub application.

In addition, Virtual Reality projects created with VRdirect Studio can be published instantly via any VR-ready device, smartphone or web browser and updated in real time.

The VRdirect Platform makes your enterprise VR-ready.
Quickly, persistently and with immediately visible results.

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Powerful and easy-to-use VR editor

VRdirect Platform Studio
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Native App for mobile devices

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Cloud-based infrastructure

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Flexible player for every browser

VRdirect Webplayer Support

Experience true immersion

Still not sure how to apply Virtual Health & Safety Training in practice? Try it out – with our demo application.


(VRdirect) Enviro – Safety Construction Training

  • Exemplary safety training on a construction site
  • Safety aspects are taught effectively in the form of an interactive quiz

Knowledge Exchange

(VRdirect) Food Market – Customer Empathy Training

  • Virtual empathy training for supermarket employees
  • Immersive recreation of a typical user Journey through the supermarket


VRdirect – Private Jet Training

  • 3D CGI content of luxury private jet
  • Interactive presentation of the jet’s features and interior


AST – Ausbildung für Bediener an Erdbaumaschinen

  • Virtual safety training for earth-moving equipment operators
  • Immersive explanation of machines, functions and safety apsects
Information Technology


JUMP – Fallschirmsprung in 360°

  • Virtual and interactive skydiving experience that helps users to overcome their fear
  • Integrated aircraft perspectives
Media & Entertainment


Atmosphaeres – Relax with Nature

  • Virtual meditation and relaxation experience
  • Effective immersion in different natural worlds through VR
Media & Entertainment

These companies are already successfully
using Virtual Reality Safety Training

In close collaboration with Cherry, VRdirect developed a comprehensive virtual showroom that combines every product department of Cherry in a shared environment. By visualizing products in real-life application scenarios, viewers get a clear and concise picture of how Cherry products can help them in their everyday lives. The high degree of immersion conveys the company’s advertising messages in a lasting way.
Ensuring the safety and health of their employees is an important and ever-present matter for companies worldwide. Immersive technology like Virtual Reality elevates the learning effect for employees, helping them to grasp the training content faster as well as to apply them more confidently. Siemens has acknowledged exactly this and successfully implements Virtual Reality to train its employees.
XING Events created a series of Virtual Reality solutions for VExCon 2020 to elevate the user experience for digital events, resulting in improved customer proximity and better differentiation from its competition.

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