Virtual Reality in Healthcare – a Study on VR Surgery

October 28, 2019
Virtual Reality in Healthcare – a Study on VR Surgery
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We’ve long realized using Virtual Reality in healthcare training has positive benefits over traditional methods. Taking experienced professionals away from treating patients in order to train students is expensive and impacts on patient care. The alternatives of learning from text-books and watching videos don’t offer the hands-on experience needed to hone psychomotor skills.

Virtual Reality though can create a 3D environment where healthcare professionals can learn, master, and rehearse on their own time and at their own pace, so they are better prepared when they’re out in the real world treating real patients. And as in all VR training, the experiential process boosts the rise up and over the learning curve. Plus of course, no patients are harmed in VR surgery if the student surgeon makes a blunder. Check out this case study to see what else is possible with Virtual Reality in medicine.

Virtual Reality Surgery Study Backs Up the Belief

Now we have the hard figures to back up the anecdotal evidence. Sandra Humbles, vice president of global education solutions at the Johnson & Johnson Institute, announced the results of an independent study into VR surgery training at the Oculus Connect 6 event in San Jose, California last month. The study, conducted by the Imperial College London, looked at the effectiveness of VR training models on the anterior approach to hip surgery.

Sandra was proud to present the key findings, namely that 83% of those trained in Virtual Reality could then go into the lab setting and complete surgery with minimal guidance. The percentage able to do this who were trained using traditional methods? A big zero!

Watch Sandra Humble’s keynote speech here:

VR Boosts Training in All Areas

What can be achieved by Virtual Reality in healthcare naturally applies to a thousand other training programs in all areas of business. VR proves itself time and time again to be a more memorable, stress-reducing, risk and distraction free, flexible and cost effective training tool.

We have created a dedicated page for all topics around Virtual Reality Training. If you are looking for more information or if you have any questions how to start with VR Training, have a look here and schedule your free consultation call!

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To get the full picture, we also recommend to download and read our free white paper ‘How Virtual Reality Can Benefit Your Company Training and Operations’.

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