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Training in Virtual Reality is already standard in many industries

The training industry relies on innovative methods to make training more effective and interesting. In Germany, companies are investing more than 33 billion euros in training their employees. The challenge are often the different levels of knowledge and the various teaching methods that are available. Training in VR offers a decisive advantage. Contents which are consumed in VR reach the consumer as experiences, and experiences are stored long-term and safe. The human brain is not able to distinguish virtual reality from the real world.

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You want to easily create Virtual Reality yourself, including web VR and an app for iOS, Android & Oculus Go?

VRdirect offers you a platform with which you can do just that.

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Current examples from industry

VR without entry hurdle - Directly via the Web VR Player

Complete your existing website with your VR projects. Beside our app for Android, iOS & Oculus Go we offer a free WebVR Player, which is compatible with all popular devices and browsers.

Easy management of many projects

It doesn't always have to be a complex training

In addition to more complex applications, the area of training also includes simple, quickly implementable units, which nevertheless have a great impact. For example, Porsche provides its employees with VR test drives in new cars. 

Henkel, on the other hand, promotes internal safety awareness by enabling VR employees, for example, to “experience” the restricted view from a truck or train.

Publication to all devices - worldwide

Location-independent and flexible

Whether it’s an oil platform, a space station or a supermarket. With Virtual Reality, you can transport everyone to the location and/or events of your choice. Through the flexible playout of content in web, mobile or VR glasses, the user can also determine the time and place at which he wants to complete the training.
Take part in technological progress

Virtual Reality is not just a trend - it has long been part of everyday life

Gartner Inc., a leading research and advisory company, sees immersive experiences as one of the top 10 strategic topics companies will have to deal with in 2019. 

In practice, there are already several companies in which virtual reality is part of standard employee training. Walmart, one of the pioneers in the field of VR training, trains all its employees in 200 academies via the Oculus GO. 

In Germany, the subject of VR is a constant companion in teaching at AST. But also big Tech companies invest millions, amazon plans, to post-teach all its employees in VR to ensure equal knowledge levels. There are examples from all industries and areas.

The easiest solution to start with Virtual Reality

Better results - effective learning - cost efficient

Studies show that training results in VR are up to 15% better than conventional training methods such as web-based training. In addition, VRdirect makes the topic of VR very cost-efficient. 

At some of our customers, trainees and working students create the training content themselves. This has the advantage that the content is communicated very effectively, the trainings are innovatively designed and the production is cost-optimized. 

The advantage is that the trainings can be created and updated without expert skills.

Interested but not sure yet?

We make it easy for you! Especially for companies that are interested but don’t have a VR strategy yet, we developed VR Starter Packages. These packages contain everything you need for the beginning, in parallel we will introduce you to the new technology. After 60 days at the latest you will have the first results in your hands – guaranteed! Find out more here!

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