“Relax with Nature” VR app – a great escape from reality and an interesting opportunity for VR content creators

July 3, 2019
“Relax with Nature” VR app – a great escape from reality and an interesting opportunity for VR content creators

Do you want to escape the stress of everyday life? We have just what you need!

Our app “Relax with Nature” is out now! The app allows you to enjoy various amazing nature spots around the world such as beaches, woods or a mountain. Use the app to meditate, relax and chill out.

Take a mindful break in Virtual Reality

The app is for everyone who wants to discover the benefits of meditation, and those who want to relax and increase self-awareness. Meditation has been shown to improve stress-related symptoms such as a faster heartbeat, quicker breathing and constricted blood vessels. Many people think of it as a way to reduce stress and improve concentration.

Being surrounded by the beauty of nature can have a very relaxing effect on the body. The “Relax with Nature” app allows you to enjoy this from anywhere. Its immersive experience lets you dive into nature, whenever and wherever you want.

In order to get the highest quality assets to use in the “Relax with Nature” app, VRdirect has partnered with Atmosphaeres, a pioneer in the 360° video business who have been producing premium quality 360 stock videos and VR Experiences since 2012. Find out more about Atmosphaeres at https://www.atmosphaeres.com/.

You can download the app “Relax with Nature” in the following stores: 

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Relax with VR

VRdirect is a great platform for 360° content creators

Content creators of any kind can use the VRdirect platform to develop and publish their own apps. VRdirect allows you to create VR apps in minutes and without requiring expert skills, so content creators can focus on the right content and storyline. VRdirect enables content creators to use their existing material and turn it into great interactive experiences and VR apps for any app store.

If you are an agency or content producer who has content and would like to do something similar, get in touch with us and easily create your own app! We enable everyone to create VR experiences on their own and to distribute to whichever platform best suits them, from an embedded player in a website, to an app, to a VR headset.

Virtual Reality in Healthcare

Many believe in the power of VR to improve health and the provision of healthcare. The “Relax with Nature” app is a great example of a VR experience which helps users to calm down, relax, and enjoy life. We believe there is an enormous potential for apps like “Relax with Nature” in this area.

We are more than happy to discuss any utilization of the ”Relax with Nature” app in the healthcare sector or discuss any new ideas such as:

  • Patient education: Through Virtual Reality you have the chance to train and educate your patients about diseases and important treatments to deepen the understanding or enhance awareness.
  • Physiotherapy: If you suffer from a severe injury and you need to stay longer in hospital undergoing physical therapy, Virtual Reality is allowing the patient to do the physical therapy in a virtual environment. This immersive stimulus has been shown to be more effective in speeding up recovery time.
  • Psychotherapy: VR has the potential to transfer a person with certain mental health conditions into a simulated environment, in order to train them in overcoming fears for example, or deal with other psychological problems.
  • Surgery Training: Training surgeons through Virtual Reality is a safe and effective way to reduce the risk of complications during surgery itself.

What about you, do you have more ideas? Please put them in the comments!

 Try it for yourself and schedule an appointment with one of our experts:

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