The „EU Saves Lives“ Virtual Reality Roadshow 2019

July 31, 2019
The „EU Saves Lives“ Virtual Reality Roadshow 2019

Have you ever wondered what happens if there is a disaster or humanitarian emergency? And how help is provided to prevent the worst? Thanks to Virtual Reality technology you now have the chance to get impressive insights into exciting EU emergency response missions around the globe:

During the second edition of the “EU Saves Lives” Virtual Reality Roadshow, the user can immersively experience how the EU provides assistance for the affected countries and populations whenever there is a natural or other disaster in Europe.

The multiple event show is being carried out by the European Commission. The first Roadshow in 2018 already attracted 450.000 visitors – and last year´s astonishing success now continues: After Vienna, Naples, Nicosia, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Cologne and Lyon, Lisbon is the last stop for this year, providing the visitors with new impressive VR experiences.

The Virtual Reality content was created with the VRdirect platform and shows perfectly how VR is the perfect medium to showcase important projects and to emotionally engage an audience.

What is “EU Saves Lives”?

Within the EU Saves Lives campaign the visitor gets a unique insight how the EU responds to emergencies and disasters. With the Oculus go you can immerse in different projects as sitting in the cockpit of a firefighting plane extinguishing a forest fire in Italy or visiting a refugee camp in Bangladesh.

When the scale of an emergency like natural disasters or humanitarian crises overwhelms national response capacities, the EU responds through the EU Civil Protection Mechanism which enables a coordinated assistance from the participating countries. EU assistance has contributed to building resilience among vulnerable communities and strengthened the capacity of disaster management authorities, improving their capacity to deal with recurrent natural disasters. All 28 EU Member States plus Iceland, Montenegro, Norway, Serbia, Macedonia and Turkey contribute their assistance in case of emergency. Any country in the world can activate the EU Civil Protection Mechanism in the event of a major disaster. In case of emergency the project covers the basic needs and provides education and protection.

Why showcasing through Virtual Reality for such projects?

Showcasing important projects via Virtual Reality offers a more memorable way for visitors and being part of an experience remains in the viewer’s mind more easily than a  told story. Virtual Reality uses facts and figures vividly and thus presents them in a catching manner. Moreover, the Virtual Reality Roadshow increases the understanding of what the EU does and draws attention to important topics such as EU Civil Protection Mechanism.

By using Virtual Reality for presenting the covered topics, the “EU Saves Lives” Roadshow takes people out of their comfort zone to places they could normally not visit, e.g. a refugee camp and makes them understand better what it means to need and receive help and protection and how valuable both are.

With this project created with the VRdirect platform you can dive into a world full of pensive and breathtaking experiences and situations.

If you want to learn more about creating your own VR project, do not hesitate to schedule a first meeting with our experts.

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