VRdirect 2.3.0 : New version enables widespread use of virtual reality in companies

March 2, 2021
VRdirect 2.3.0 : New version enables widespread use of virtual reality in companies

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Munich, 02.03.2021 – The Munich-based software company VRdirect has released a new version of its platform “VRdirect Studio”. The update contains numerous new features, such as support for high-resolution images and animated objects, as well as the ability to place so-called post-URLs, i.e. external links directly in virtual reality applications. The new functions directly improve integration of virtual reality into existing IT infrastructures even further and thus facilitate widespread use in the company, as the specialist departments can easily develop their VR content themselves without having to resort to IT.

With its revised software architecture, VRdirect is also laying the groundwork for other groundbreaking features, such as the import of 3D models, to be released in the coming months.

New features allow widespread use in companies

The new version of “VRdirect Studio” opens up numerous application scenarios of Virtual Reality in everyday business for companies. By integrating high-resolution images as well as animated objects and GIF files, impressive product presentations can be developed just as well as interactive VR training materials that create a lasting learning effect through immersion.

Users can now also embed animated objects or GIF files directly into their VR applications.

The ability to include post-URLs in applications also enriches the experiences: for example, VR apps can now better boost sales by utilizing the new functions such as the integration of shopping carts for the user’s own virtual store. Alternatively, in a training context, users can now integrate learning management systems via Post-URL. All these deployment scenarios help to facilitate direct exchange with employees, customers and partners even in times of social distancing, thus minimizing the negative consequences of the ongoing Corona measures. In addition, by adopting the technology early on, companies open up further technological perspectives for the future, as Rolf Illenberger, Managing Director of VRdirect, points out:

"Virtual reality is still considered a technology of the future in the minds of many decision-makers, even though it has long been fit for everyday use with solutions like VRdirect. Our experience from working with partners like Siemens, Nestlé or Deutsche Telekom shows: Companies should use the current extraordinary situation to build up their own experience at an early stage. This way, even after Corona, they will benefit from the additional technological freedom and flexibility that virtual reality brings to their company."

Rolf Illenberger, Managing Director of VRdirect
With so-called "post-URLs", users can now integrate links to shopping carts or websites into applications.

Further enhancements announced throughout the year

“VRdirect Studio” receives a fundamentally revised software architecture with the new update, which already sets the course for upcoming features that will further significantly increase the application’s range of functions. Among other things, VRdirect has announced 360° live streaming, support for 3D models, asset libraries and backups via the cloud. These and other features are expected to be released in the course of the year.
The new version of VRdirect Studio now allows the use of high-resolution footage for more impressive applications.

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