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VRdirect introduces AI to simplify Virtual Reality project creation

February 19, 2024
VRdirect introduces AI to simplify Virtual Reality project creation

VRdirect adds a new AI feature within the VRdirect Studio, marking a significant milestone in the field of Virtual Reality project creation.

This cutting-edge generative AI feature empowers VRdirect users to generate 360° images for their Virtual Reality projects directly within the VRdirect Studio, eliminating the need to capture 360° scenes with a camera. This feature represents a substantial leap forward in simplifying the creative process, offering a seamless and efficient solution for businesses and creators alike.

The introduction of this AI feature simplifies the creation of immersive 360° images and significantly improves the experience for the creator.

How it works:

Open the VRdirect Studio and click on the “AI Background” Button.
VRdirect Studio - AI feature, step 1

Simply provide a description of your desired scene and bring your vision to life. Choose from five unique image styles in the usual VRdirect manner, which you can customize quickly and easily via a drop-down menu. This enables the creation of personalized 360° images that seamlessly match the project’s aesthetic and objectives.

You can add the image to your scene and continue creating your VR project by adding various objects such as videos and buttons.

VRdirect Studio - AI feature, step 4

The latest addition to the VRdirect Studio is just the beginning, as VRdirect plans to expand its suite of AI-powered tools and features further. Stay tuned for more developments that promise to revolutionize how we create and interact with virtual reality content!

For those interested in exploring the capabilities of the VRdirect Studio and its new AI feature, you can schedule a demo here.

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