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For live events, there are countless uses for Virtual Reality. Engage your audience with immersive VR events for more ticket sales, better results, and more customer engagement.

VR events are the future

Trade show, product launches, charity fundraiser or corporate gathering, online and / or offline events: you need to engage your audience and sell your message with VR events. Virtual Reality is a powerful supporter in this, and an affordable one as well. Excite customers everywhere with immersive experiences, massively reduce costs and save time and valuable resources.

Virtual Reality events – Cost efficient, yet entertaining and captivating

75% cost savings with VR events

By simply virtualizing expensive and elaborate exhibition booths, you can achieve drastic cost savings. On average, VR events are 75% cheaper than offline events.

56% Wider audience reach

With Virtual Reality, you can make your applications available to everyone, no matter the time and place, allowing you to reach audiences that weren’t able to attend your physical event.

98% reduction of CO2 emissions with VR events

By connecting people worldwide without the need to travel, Virtual Reality events contribute to the protection of our environment, significantly reducing the carbon footprint of events.

VRdirect – The Platform

The VRdirect platform enables companies to create and share Virtual Reality projects with internal teams. The VRdirect Studio allows to create VR projects without expert skills. Projects can then be shared globally in real-time using the VRdirect Cloud and the VRdirect player for Smartphone, Tablet, Browser-/Website or VR headsets.

The VRdirect platform makes your company enterprise VR-ready.

Easy to use, Enterprise ready and enabling many VR use cases across the entire organization.

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Powerful and easy-to-use VR editor

VRdirect Platform Studio
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Native App for mobile devices

VRdirect App Android IOS
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Cloud-based infrastructure

vrdirect cloud global distribution
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Flexible player for every browser

VRdirect Webplayer Support

Experience true immersion

Still not sure what your VR event can look like? Try it out – with our demo application.

Marketing & Communications

BeatDealer Records – Silent Piano Beats in VR

  • Virtual presentation of musicians and their piano pieces of Silent Beat Records
  • Used at event to showcase immersive sound experience
Virtual (Live) Event
Media & Entertainment

Sales & Client Services

ISPO Award 2021

  • Virtual showroom for displaying award-winning products
  • Customers are taken directly to the respective websites via links

Event Location

Marketing & Communications

XING – VexCon 2020 Tipps zum Networking

  • Virtual briefing on how to create and optimize a Xing profile
  • Tips on how to do effective nertworking in the absence of physical events
Event Location
Information Technology

Marketing & Communications

XING – VexCon 2020 Welcome

  • VR as part of of the virtual VexCon 2020 to enhance user experience
  • Attraction of new visitors and strengthening of customer relationships
Event Location
Information Technology

Marketing & Communications

Scolmore – Virtual Event

  • Virtual exhibition of various products and departments
  • Time and location independent presentation of Scolmore product
Event Location

Marketing & Communications

VRdirect – Virtual Event Booth

  • Virtual representation of a conventional exhibition booth
  • Integration of various media formats and content possible

These companies are already successfully organizing VR events

XING Events created a series of Virtual Reality solutions for VExCon 2020 to elevate the user experience for digital events, resulting in improved customer proximity and better differentiation from its competition.

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