omnia360 Offers Interactive Workshops and Training Sessions in Virtual Reality
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omnia360 Offers Interactive Workshops and Training Sessions in Virtual Reality


The Hamburg-based startup omnia360 delivers creative marketing solutions based on immersive 360° media. Their custom-made walk-throughs and 360° videos give an edge to their customers, who are facing an internet flooded with content and multiple advertising formats. They recognize that 360° media allows viewers to dive deeper than ever before into marketing content, and make products, brands and locations virtually tangible.

omnia360 are firm believers that a multisensory approach combining image and sound creates an intensive communication effect on the consumer. Add to that interactivity in a 360° virtual space, and it is clear that the next level in the evolution of emotional communication has been reached.

Training in a Virtual Reality Classroom

omnia360 have noticed that training in a VR environment is a very frequent request, and have chosen to specialize in this area. They fully buy into the maxim attributed to Confucius of “Tell me and I will forget, show me and I will remember, involve me and I will learn”. Immersive 360° VR is very much the involving experience, and omnia360 are well positioned to deliver.

The benefits of VR for training can be explored in depth in the VRdirect white paper `How VR Can Benefit Company Training and Operations`, but include being a more memorable, stress-reducing, risk and distraction free, flexible and cost-effective training tool.


Hurdles on the Track

There are a few hurdles to overcome in producing effective VR training experiences, especially when it has to go fast and cost-efficient. For sure, weaving good storytelling around interactivity to create an engaging experience has in the past always been a task for developers with (sparse and costly) specialized skills.

Without interactivity, conducting training sessions using traditional communication media, even media in 360°, remains a passive exercise. By comparison, learning is accelerated through active self-initiated exploration that both real-life and interactive 360° VR can provide. To give you an example, a video about sailing will never manage to convey all aspects of the experience as when you are actually on the sailboat.

Unlike the rest of the media, VR is now reducing the distance between the recipient and the experience. The content almost completely fills the perceived reality, bringing it much closer to being indistinguishable from first-hand experiences.

For a further explanation on the importance of interactivity, see Why interactivity is crucial for Virtual Reality and 360° experiences.

Another hurdle to corporate-wide training using VR is the need to distribute the material to multiple devices, apps and website players so that trainees can use it anywhere, anytime. On top of that, if the training VR experience is updated, this needs to be reflected in all instances of the training material.


VRdirect Helps to Overcome the Hurdles!

The VRdirect platform is a complete solution that allows you to create a VR experience with no computer skills required, publish it to a cloud-based CMS (content management system), and distribute it worldwide with just one click to multiple devices such as Android iOS, Oculus and website-embedded players.

With VRdirect, omnia360 can transform 360° images and videos to VR workshops or training courses, by adding interactivity offering the viewer control and experiential feedback. If an experience needs to be updated, the VRdirect platform allows for real time content updates, which always ensures up-to-date training lessons.


The Outcome

omnia360 has found that by using VRdirect, the speed of development of VR projects has stepped up. This means they are able to handle more VR projects than ever before. The ease of building projects inhouse with no previous skills required also means that costs have come down. This benefit has been passed on through competitive pricing to omnia360’s customers, thereby enabling small and medium enterprises access to the new technology. This leaves omnia360 the time and resources to concentrate on further improving the already high quality of their 360° images, videos and 3D-rendered assets and of course on compelling storytelling for customers needs.

Of course, omnia360 is able to offer their own VRdirect created 360° VR training experience! View the VR experience above and learn about 360° images and videos with another of omnia360’s co-founders, Reza Kiani (in German).

If you want to learn more about VR training, have a look here and schedule a free consultation call with on of our Virtual Reality experts.

Virtual Reality is the perfect technology for trainings and workshops. With VRdirect we can realize scalable VR projects for different devices while keeping development costs low.
Claudia Kiani
Co-founder of omnia360
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