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Creating Experiences
I cannot open the Builder because it says it comes from an "unidentified developer". What can I do?

If this message appears, open the System Preferences, go to "Security & Privacy", then click on "Open anyway". The message appears on Mac because the VRdirect Builder is not yet available in the App Store. This will be the case just as long as the Beta stays closed. 

How should videos be formatted?

In general, VRdirect Builder and App support MP4, H264 encoded, 30fps. The video's audio should be MP3 stereo mix.

For the Builder

Not all devices can play higher resolutions and higher bitrates. So, for preview purposes, Builder requires a full HD 1920x1080 maximal resolution and we recommend a bitrate of about 2Mbps. If you have a high performance device (e.g. Galaxy S9, Pixel2), you can play 4K videos, so use a 4096x2048 resolution in the high resolution media path. In that case we recommend a 12Mbps bitrate. That way, you can preview your draft in the publishing section with a higher resolution. If you think your device is 4K capable but the draft preview shows only fullHD, let us know:

When publishing in an App

If you decided to publish in a VRdirect App, you must use maximum fullHD 1920x1080 resolution for the media path and 4K 4096x2048 for the high quality media path. We recommend 6mbps for fullHD and 12mbps for 4K. We will transcode it to support dynamic bitrate adaption and the different devices' resolutions.

How should images be formatted?

Supported image formats are PNG and JPG. For 360 images, we recommend using JPG as they are lighter, and the resolutions must be 1920x960 for the default media path and 4096x2048 in for the high resolution media path. Smaller 360 images can also be used, but we recommend the mentioned sizes to deliver the best quality the devices can handle.

For interactive elements, you can use PNG so the alpha channel results in transparency.

How should audio be formatted?

The supported audio format is MP3 stereo. We recommend using 256Kbps, but 128Kbps is also OK. 

We also support the TBE audio format. Get creative and make the most out of VR audio through spatial audio support.

How can I preview my experience?

For the local preview of your newly built experience, you need two things: 

1.) The VRdirect App
To download the VRdirect App, go to our product page, where you can find the links to the apps stores. 

2.) You need to be in the same Wifi as your desktop machine 
For the local preview, you need to connect your PC/Mac with the same network as the VRdirect App. But you can also use the “Preview Draft” feature in the Slot Management section to preview from any location with internet. 

If you get the message "Could not start preview. Network discovery failed.", start by checking that Builder and device are on the same WiFi network. If not, stop sharing in the Builder and close the App. Then connect both devices to the same network. Start the Preview Mode again in the Builder and the re-start the App.
If the network is really busy, it can happen that the App isn't able to find the Builder. Restart the application to make another attempt. If it still does not work after several attempts and you are sure that the devices are on the same network, please contact

My devices do not connect in local preview mode. What can I do?
Ensure that the Mobile Phone (App) and Laptop (Builder) are connected to same wifi network. If the issue still persists then try to use a hotspot of a mobile device which has mobile data turned on. This way you can check if the wifi you are usually connected to is causing any issues.

Follow the steps below to enter the local preview mode using a mobile hotspot:

1. Take your phone and ensure that mobile data is turned on
2. Open a mobile hotspot (usually you'll find that option under "settings"). Your mobile phone will now act as a router.
3. Connect your device which is running the VRdirect Builder to the new wifi network and start the preview mode again.
Do I have to upload content into both media paths?

No. The first one "Media Path" is mandatory and for HD resolution (1920 x 960) and the second media path is for 4K (4096 x 2080), which is optional.

Where and how should I save or export my project?
First of all, we always recommend to save and export your project locally on your PC. Further we recommended to create one single folder for each experience, containing all assets that belong to it.

Save: When saving the project in the Builder only the .rf360 file is saved. Choose the experience folder you have created or create a new one and save it there, together with all assets.

Export: If you export your project, the rf.360 file and all the relevant assets are exported to the selected folder.

Please note: 
If you are moving your files to a different folder, the software won't recognize the new path automatically and you won't be able to continue working on your experience. In this case, you have to update the paths manually. 
Publishing & Licenses
I want to test VRdirect without any strings attached. Is that possible?

Good thing you're asking! We do offer a Free Trial License, which gives you the opportunity to create and publish experiences to the VRdirect App for one month - completely free! Visit our free-trial page to start your VR journey now!

You do not have to provide a payment method and the license will not automatically upgrade to a paid plan.

I would like to remove the VRdirect watermarks in my experience. What should I do?

VRdirect offers different licenses to publish your experience to multiple devices at the same time through our app. If you want to get rid of the watermarks, please have a look at our pricing structure or get in touch with us:

My preview download started but got stuck around the end. What should I do?

Newer versions of the App and Builder don’t have this bug anymore, but your device might have old data which causes the conflict. To solve it, do the following:
Go to Settings -> Apps -> VRdirect -> Storage -> Clear Data and confirm with “Delete”. This will erase all downloaded data and should resolve the preview issue.
To get the latest version of our apps, visit our product page and follow the links to the app stores or download the latest version of the Builder. 

How can I share my experiences, e.g. on my Website, YouTube or Facebook?

With our new VRdirect Web Player, it is possible to embed an experience to any of your websites. Just open the Builder and go to the Publishing section, select your slot and the embed code will be automatically generated for you. You can use this code and paste it in the source code of your website. If you don't know how to do that, please ask your web developer. 

You can also share interactive VR experiences using the Share Link, which is also generated within the publishing section of the VRdirect Builder. Users that installed the VRdirect App and open the link will be taken directly to your content. Putting an experience inside a YouTube Video or post the experience directly in Facebook is currently not possible, as YouTube and Facebook don't support these experiences.

In the Web Player it is displayed „only streaming…”. What is the problem and what should I do?

This is not a problem. Sometimes it can take some time until an experience, especially if it contains 360° video, is completely uploaded to our CMS. Try to open the experience again after some time.

Viond Quick Guide

User Guides 

These user guides give you an overview of how to use the VRdirect platform. They cover all points on your VRdirect journey - from first usage 'step-by-step' to a more technical focused part.

User Documentation >
Step-by-Step Guide EN >
Step-by-Step Guide DE >
The Ultimate Guide >


Example Material

Having trouble with getting 360° content? Try new things, play around and get to know the VRdirect Builder. These example assets will help you discover the endless possibilities of VR.

Download Demo Experience >
Download Asset Folder

Tutorial Videos

Have a look at our video tutorials on YouTube and learn how to use VRdirect.
Visit our VRdirect Youtube Channel for more videos.


Question not answered? 

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