German companies are missing out on the Metaverse, Billion Dollar Potential for VR & AR in Medicine, and Launch for Meta’s New VR Goggles in Fall

August 1, 2022
German companies are missing out on the Metaverse, Billion Dollar Potential for VR & AR in Medicine, and Launch for Meta’s New VR Goggles in Fall

Meta's new VR glasses to be released in fall

Hardware analyst Brad Lynch reports in a new leak article about the imminent market launch of Meta’s upcoming VR glasses. The device, previously known as Project Cambria, is supposed to be released as Quest Pro in the fall.

Earlier this year, supply chain analyst Ming-Chi Kuo predicted that the headset would come with mini-LED displays. Lynch’s leak confirms a display upgrade and also mentions the following new features:

  • Quest Pro comes with QLED displays thanks to integrated quantum dot light emitting diodes with an extended color spectrum and optimized black levels.
  • The displays have a resolution of 1,800 x 1,920 pixels.
  • The new Starlet Controllers of the Quest Pro arrive with their own spatial tracking and improved haptics. Meta has built in cameras with infrared sensors and novel pressure sensors to achieve this.

Pre-orders for the Quest Pro will start at the next Meta Connect conference and begin shipping Oct. 25th, 2022, according to Lynch. The price is expected to be USD 1,500. This will 

More about the upcoming launch of the Quest Pro VR headset: Meta’s new VR headset: More specs, price, and launch leaked?

Quest Pro
Quest Pro (Source: Meta)

Metaverse study: German companies are missing out

The future of the Internet is the metaverse. Companies and organizations such as L’Oréal, Louis Vuitton and McDonald’s are preparing for the metaverse or are already active in it. In Germany, however, the topic is of little relevance outside the XR community.

A study by the University of the Federal Armed Forces in Munich on the metaverse in companies shows: Less than nine percent of the 151 managers surveyed are familiar with the metaverse. Yet metaverse technologies come off better when viewed individually: around 30 percent say they are familiar with Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence.

Nevertheless, about half of the participants in the study rate the relevance of the metaverse within their own company as at least average.

The director of the study, Prof. Dr. habil Philipp A. Rauschnabel, is convinced that the topic will become increasingly relevant in the foreseeable future: “Probably very quickly, so that many companies will then miss the boat. Kind of like what we saw with social media marketing in the early 2010s.”

More about this study: Metaverse Marketing 2022 – Ergebnisse einer Managerbefragung.

Find out what benefits the metaverse already offers companies in our Metaverse guide.

The billion-dollar potential of Virtual Reality & AR in Medicine

VR in medicine

The market research institute Research and Markets forecasts a strong growth for Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality in the healthcare sector. By 2027, the market for VR and AR in medicine is expected to grow to nearly ten billion US dollars. 

The report attributes the market growth to increasing technological advancements in healthcare and industrial expansion in recent years. VR and AR (metaverse technologies) could be easily integrated into healthcare systems to improve patient care, for example.

Doctors and surgeons are already being prepared for operations with VR trainings. Students gain formative experience during their studies thanks to training in the metaverse. In the UK, some hospitals have even started using VR as an anesthetic, which has been shown to reduce side effects and costs. Training in the metaverse enables many advantages. 

More about the report: Augmented & Virtual Reality In Healthcare Is Poised To Become A Nearly $10 Billion Dollar Market.

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