Metaverse potential in Germany, at McDonalds & Manchester City

March 7, 2022
Metaverse potential in Germany, at McDonalds & Manchester City
Interest in the Metaverse in Germany is surprisingly high, according to a survey. What’s more, Manchester City and McDonalds are also set to launch in the Metaverse.

Great potential for the Metaverse in Germany

The results of a representative online survey by OMD Germany and Annalect on the use of virtual reality in Germany show great potential for application scenarios in the Metaverse. Of the 3,000 respondents between the ages of 16 and 60, 61 percent said they already use the Metaverse or could imagine using it in the future.

This reveals interesting insights into the demographics and education of the users: Those respondents who already use virtual reality (11 percent) are predominantly between 16 and 39 years old, nearly two-thirds male, and 70 percent have a high school diploma or degree.

The results of the survey show that although the metaverse still has to grow, it is already becoming apparent what role it is going to play for people in this age group. Application scenarios such as gaming, shopping, social interaction and culture are concrete activities that the respondents could imagine in virtual worlds.

This in turn holds great potential for companies. Virtual Reality is used in the corporate context, for example, for presentations of products in virtual showrooms or VR for training and education.

Click here for the results of the online survey: Brand new: Metaverse (German)

Picture: Example - Cherry products

Manchester City: The first soccer stadium in the Metaverse

The cooperation between Sony and Manchester City shows how cultural offerings can be transferred to the Metaverse. To enable fans from all over the world to visit the stadium, the club is rebuilding its own stadium in the Metaverse. This way, fans can watch the soccer matches live or as a recording from their own sofa.

The spectators in the Metaverse can then sit in the stadium in unlimited number and decide for themselves from which position in the stadium they want to look at the pitch.

The explorative project aims at a coexisting experience: The visit to the real stadium should not be replaced, but rather extended by a place of interaction in the Metaverse for even more people.

More about sports in the Metaverse: Man City begin building world’s first football stadium inside the metaverse.

Das erste Fußballstadion im Metaverse
Picture: The first soccer stadium inside the metaverse. Photo: Sony/CFG

McDonald’s: virtual restaurant in the metaverse

McDonald’s also seems to have recognized the importance of the coexistence of both worlds, digital and analog. However, eating in the Metaverse is likely to be much more difficult than watching a soccer match. Nevertheless, McDonald’s is focusing on virtual restaurants – but in connection with very real food deliveries. According to trademark attorney Josh Gerben, McDonald’s has already filed ten corresponding patents for this.

The idea could be to establish McDonald’s or McCafé in the Metaverse as a virtual experience location. Orders could then be conveniently placed in the Metaverse during a break from a concert or a soccer match – without having to leave the virtual world. The food would then arrive at home later in the real world.

For Gerben, this is just the beginning. Many other companies want to shape the Metaverse with similar ideas. You want to be part of it? Read more in our article “VR in the enterprise: How to successfully launch into the Metaverse era.”

More on McDonalds in the Metaverse: Metaverse Burgers: McDonald’s patents virtual restaurants.

Das virtuelle Restaurant im Metaverse
Picture: McDonald’s
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