F-Secure: How Live Streams in Virtual Reality drive customer proximity and audience engagement

November 25, 2020
F-Secure: How Live Streams in Virtual Reality drive customer proximity and audience engagement
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It is no secret that the event industry had to go through radical changes this year. Countless events had to be cancelled, others switched from a physical presence to a digital one. But especially online events suffer from a lack of direct interaction and in turn from low customer proximity. But what if the essential agenda items of events were available in a virtual environment and in real time? For their Partner Summit, cyber security experts F-Secure went for exactly this option, implemented by video production agency KG Media Factory in collaboration with VRdirect. Here’s what you can learn from them.

One of the industries that were most heavily influenced by the COVID-19 pandemic was the event industry. From one day to another, what makes trade shows, exhibitions & co exciting has become impossible: hundreds of people gathering in one spot to exchange ideas, hold discussions or advertise their products and services. Suddenly the whole industry, which thrives like no other on wow-effects and great entertainment value was forced to go back to basics.  Organizers were faced with the challenge to come up with digital solutions in order to conduct their events online or to cancel them altogether. Already existing online events found themselves surrounded by dozens of new competitors all of a sudden, increasing the need to stand out from the crowd. But in light of the current circumstances, a lot of organizers and companies have found new ways of bringing audiences together even in times of Social Distancing. With the goal to deliver captivating event experiences while also maintaining customer proximity, many of them discover the potential of modern technologies like Virtual Reality.

Virtual Reality: Making exclusive events even more exclusive

Even with little effort, high-quality Virtual Reality experiences can be developed that enhance events of all kinds. From digital showrooms and interactive product presentations packed with bonus material to virtual tours throughout the trade fair grounds – Virtual Reality is a fantastic way to maximise customer engagement and proximity as well as drive sales and lead generation. There are so many possible use cases that there is next to no excuse not to excite your audiences with Virtual Reality at your next event. And it is by no means only large scale events with thousands of visitors that can benefit from the technology. Virtual Reality harbors the potential to make exclusive events for a selective circle like board events, partner meet-ups or digital trade fairs even more exclusive. By offering special experiences to a small and clearly defined audience, you can add a lot of weight to your event.

Spice up 2D live streams with virtual environments

Arguably the most exciting aspect of Virtual Reality in the context of events is the ability to put visitors into completely digital and interactive environments. The advantages are clear: Letting participants immerse themselves in a digital representation of a showroom can by a large part mitigate the lack of physical presence. Virtual product presentations, showrooms and digital booths are the perfect addition to any online event, making them just as exciting an event as one of their ‘offline’ counterparts.

Now, what if you could even integrate certain parts of your event as a live stream? When panel discussions, expert lectures and other agenda items don’t have to be viewed in front of a computer screen but can be experienced in a virtual environment with an integrated 2D live stream, digital events go from interesting to exciting in absolutely no time.

Cyber security experts F-Secure harnessed the full potential of Virtual Reality on their Partner Summit 2020. Due to the ongoing pandemic, the event was held fully digitally, with no direct contact between the company and its partners possible.

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About F-Secure

F-Secure is a cyber security and privacy company based in Helsinki, Finnland. With a large portfolio of antivirus, password management, endpoint security, and other cyber security products and services, they shield enterprises and consumers against everything from advanced cyber attacks and data breaches to widespread ransomware infections. For three decades, F-Secure has driven innovations in cyber security.

But F-Secure thought of the perfect way to reproduce a real life event – by integrating live keynotes in Virtual Reality! For this purpose, the partners were sent VR headsets in advance, via which they were able to access a virtual conference environment at a specific time and date. Here they could watch keynote speeches from F-Secure’s management – completely live and in real time! But even involved parties that did not have access to Virtual Reality headsets could access the VR keynote presentations, as they were also made available via WebVR through a web browser. Furthermore, the entire VR experience also included several videos about F-Secure’s world of products as well as an offline variant of the keynotes for those who wanted to watch them later.

What you can learn from this use case

1. Virtual Reality is ready for live broadcasting

This is probably the most crucial learning you should take from it: Integrating live experiences into your (online) events is entirely possible and can be implemented within a realizable frame. In cooperation with us at VRdirect, F-Secure has proven that Virtual Reality is more than ready to be used for this exact field of application. That makes it a viable option for all kinds of events, especially those who would otherwise have to be cancelled altogether. So you should not be afraid to include it in your own event scenarios: are you thinking about integrating a 2D live stream? Why not go a step further and take it to the next level?

2. Virtual Reality is the perfect addition to all kinds of events

Virtual Reality can easily be integrated into your event without the need for your entire event to be available in VR. F-Secure’s Partner Summit also largely featured classic ‘2D content’ via a web portal and simply used the live keynotes in Virtual Reality as a complementary tool in order to excite and engage their business partners. If you’re thinking about spicing up your event experience with the punctual use of Virtual Reality, go for it!

3. Virtual Reality live streams can be made available on all devices

Furthermore you are not dependent on VR headsets to implement Virtual Reality experiences. F-Secure’s live streams in Virtual Reality were crafted with our VRdirect platform, which lets you publish all of your projects to all common devices including web browsers and mobile devices. Even when not all participants of your event have access to a VR headset, they can still watch Virtual Reality live streams on a device of their choice.

4. Virtual Reality can integrate supplementary material into a live stream environment

Last but not least, you are not limited to simply offering a live stream in a virtual environment via Virtual Reality. In order to maximize the output of their solution, F-Secure equipped it with extra material about their product portfolio so users could explore even beyond the delivered keynote presentations. If you decide to offer the participants of your event a live experience in Virtual Reality, take the chance to make them engage with your company and portfolio by garnering it with supplementary materials.

The perfect addition to events – tailored to your needs and resources

The good news is: All this is possible for your event as well – guaranteed! The VRdirect platform is perfectly equipped to deliver captivating Virtual Reality experiences to your audiences. The F-Secure solution shows that Virtual Reality is a fantastic way to massively enhance digital events – for smaller target groups as well as larger ones. Depending on your specific need and available resources, there are countless different ways to make use of the technology – from complex digital environments with interactive experiences via Virtual Reality headsets to simple and efficient 2D live streams in Virtual surroundings via a web browser.

The technology is more than ready to deliver real business value for all kinds of events. From creating customer proximity, driving sales or simply to make your exclusive event a fun and memorable experience – Virtual Reality offers great potential to help you succeed.

If you want to know more about how Virtual Reality can be used for events, download our free white paper “VR for Events” here.

Also, we’re happy to help you get started with your own live stream in Virtual Reality. Just write to us via our contact form.

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