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How Virtual Reality helps shaping the workspace of the future

September 22, 2021
How Virtual Reality helps shaping the workspace of the future

New Work Enabler

COVID-19 might well be one of the greatest accelerators of workplace disruption. At this point (if not before), companies have finally understood the need to react to changing market developments all around the globe. Now more than ever, organizations are facing the reality of the so called “new normal”, which subsequently dictates the parameters of the way we work, communicate, and interact with each other in the future. In consequence, enterprises set out to embrace change with strategic “New Work” initiatives to ensure ongoing and long-term enterprise success. VRdirect aligns with these goals by offering companies a low-barrier approach to Virtual Reality to improve processes and work life. 

Especially in Human Resources, Virtual Reality is a brilliant tool to support the following processes along every step: from recruiting to onboarding of new employees or those who find themselves in new roles, as well as long-term learning through education and (safety) training.

The technology allows enterprises to save time and money by showcasing true-to-life work environments and processes, but also to present themselves as valuable employer by setting innovative standards. Many of our clients already demonstrate how Virtual Reality can help to create best-in-class employee experiences and raise their employer attractiveness within the job market.

How Virtual Reality helps shaping the workspace of the future
In a comprehensive, yet short two-page document, we summarize best-case examples of how Virtual Reality can really enhance New Work initiatives in Human Resources as well as benefits of the technology for enterprises everywhere. Click the button below to download our two-pager.
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